Coolest Pacman Game Cake

I was really inspired to make this Pacman Game Cake by my dad. He has always gotten the high score on anytime he tries, at any different arcade. He will try and try until he does and I think of this game as the family game but, he is always the champion.

I made it by simply using a rectangular cake pan and making a chocolate cake for the base. I then made my icing and portioned it before adding the desired dyes. I iced the entire cake with the desired background color then carefully used a knife to create the designs of the layout.

I added the small yellow pellets and the power pills. I then piped the icing over the lines I had made as best to my ability. To finish it off I had leftover modelling chocolate from my last cake so I decided to color it and create the ghosts and Pacman himself and pace them on the cake.

Once I had finished I felt a sense of accomplishment and I wished my dad could’ve enjoyed it with me. In my 14 years of living I would say this is my best cake yet.

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