Coolest Pacman Cupcakes

These Pacman cupcakes were inspired by the arcade game. I wanted to include all elements of the arcade game for my husband’s birthday. I have seen a couple of versions of the Pacman cakes but none that were all cupcakes.

The cupcakes themselves are a cake mix and then frosted. I then used rolled fondant to cover the cupcakes and give a flawless, flat surface to the cupcakes. I included regular size cupcakes and mini cupcakes for the dots. I used cookie cutters to cut out the fondant. I used circles for the cupcake backgrounds, a ghost cutter (I rounded off the head) for the ghosts and I cut out the Pacman logo free hand with a knife.

I used spray food coloring to color the cupcakes but I found that regular food coloring painted on with a brush works just as well.

Assembly was quite simple. To make the fondant stick on top of previous fondant, just wet the bottom. Fondant is just sugar. It was very easy to roll and did not stick to anything. This was my first time using fondant and I was very pleased with the results of these cupcakes. They took a lot of time but they came out great!

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