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Peace sign Justice Fashion Cake

This was very very easy. My daughter believes herself to be a fashion icon! Loves the store Justice. They have a sign that says Peace, love, Justice. So we simply took that and replace Justice with my daughters name.

We also made sugar cookies with same peace sign, no words. I will describe those first just in case you have a school party. I used Wilton’s small star tip to do these. Cut round cookies then took a fondant circle cutter that was smaller than the round cookies and before baking simply put a circle print on center of cookie. Baked, cooled. then we did two rows of small star frosting one on the inside of the circle print other on outside. We then simply added the three lines, single row of stars. After that filled in the rest with the other color of frosting. They looked awesome.

the cake was a similar process. (oh did I mention my daughter, 10, did most of the cookies and this cake?). We baked the cake and then I took a bowl and pushed a print into the soft cake. We then simply used that as our guide. We used the larger wilton star tip to make this one. We began with the peace sign. After that we filled in the rest of the cake. We also used a stripe around the sides of the cake so it looked prettier. I took white frosting and filled in the cake with Peace, Love (o was a peace sign) and amanda. We also added a Justice heart in there. We did another one of these in a sheet cake but we added two smaller peace signs to the bottom corners of the cake. This one pictured is from her family birthday party.

these cakes/cookies were soooooo easy! My 10 year old was so excited to show what she could do!!! I am not a cake decorator, never took a class or anything but think this came out great. yes, someone with training would be better but darn this was good! LOL!

Hope all your birthdays are special!

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