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Last Minute Peace Sign Cake

This peace sign cake was made last minute for a surprise 10th birthday party.

My daughter said she did want a party (which we had planned for a couple of weeks after her actual birth date). With 3 days to go I had to find out sneakily what she would’ve wanted and created a surprise party and cake based on that. She is really into trying to find peace-on-earth and draws about it all the time, so I figured the peace symbol was cool for her 10th birthday.

Hand Peace Sign Cake Instructions

  • I looked everywhere for a sample cake, but couldn’t find anything so I used my hand as a visual guide while designing the peace sign gesture… I drew it freehand.
  • I am NO PRO, but I do make a really great NOT TOO SWEET buttercream frosting!
  • I found colored cake mixes at the local Walmart and made 2 round cakes, one purple and one blue.
  • Then, in bread loaf pans I made a red and a yellow cake. I used those for the fingers.
  • Once the cakes cooled I crumb frosted them.
  • I took the round cakes, stacked them, and cut across the top, adding some over on the left side of the circle to make it look like the part of the thumb.
  • I cut the top with a cake flattener thing, so they weren’t all puffy. I also rounded the “fingertips.”
  • I had to cut some of the loaves at angles to look more like they were in the peace sign position on the hand.
  • Once I cut and pasted the cake together (hehe), I colored my buttercream purple and frosted the whole cake.
  • After that I outlined the design of fingers and thumb with a black gel icing so it would be defined.
  • Then, I proceeded to hand cut and sculpt peace symbols in bright colored fondant that I found in a very convenient package at Walmart.
  • I had cutters for hearts and stars, so I added some of those too.

EVERYONE at the party was amazed at my cake and my 10 year old was so surprised at the party and ADORED the cake. She said it was exactly what she would’ve wanted!

Also, some of the moms said they want to hire me to do their cakes from now on. LOL! I wish I knew how to do the cakes more pro and cleaner, but everyone seemed to overlook the “handmade ” aspect and just thought it was super! I am one happy Mamma. :-)