I baked 7 layers in an 8-9 inch cake pan. I also baked one layer in a metal bowl for the top. I froze all the layers overnight for better shaping the next day. As I stacked the layers I spread buttercream frosting between all the layers to help hold everything together. I shaped everything into a uniform cylindar. I spread buttercream frosting over all the completed cylindar and used silver food/cake spray to cover the head. I wrape wax paper around the cake so it would spray in a straight line and only on the top. The legs were molded out of rice krispie treats and covered in white chocolate. I used tooth picks to hold the legs against the side of the cylindar of cake. I used blue, white and silver fondant to creat the various details. Added a peanut butter cup candy for the eye in front. Placed a small bowl upside down underneath so the legs could be longer than body.