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Coolest Shrek Character Cakes

This Shrek character is made out of fondant, and then painted. The body is cake. It takes days for the fondant to dry so you have to make it ahead. The icing is buttercream.

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Shrek Character cake by Steffany L., Pigeon, MI

Shrek Character Cake Photo

My son wanted a Shrek character birthday cake but none of the local bakeries carried any Shrek designs anymore. So I decided I would make a Shrek cake at home. After watching the movie again I decided to try to make Shrek’s tree stumps house next to a little swamp.

I started with a regular Milk Chocolate Cake mix. I made two regular size cakes; I frosted the top of one then stacked them and frosted them with plain milk chocolate frosting. After letting the frosting set in the fridge for about an hour I began putting the Stump House together.

I started with graham crackers making a square house. Then I stuck pretzel rods at each of the four corners for the roots. I cut large marshmallows in half and stacked them around the house for filler. I used regular store bought caramel icing to cover the rods and marshmallows to form the tree. On top of the tree is fruit leather in green and yellow. I cut fringe on squares of fruit leather and placed them all around the top of the house.

Then I took green frosting (store bought with decorators tips) and added little leaves on the open spots. I also added a pumpkin vine since my son’s birthday is in Halloween and I was able to find pumpkin candies.

I used Maple Nut peanuts for the rocks and added dark chocolate frosting for the swamp with green mold spots of green gel icing. I also cut more green fruit leather for the grass and plants around the swamp. I crushed graham crackers with cocoa powder for the dirt. I cut out a picture of the Shrek character and Donkey because I could not find cake toppers.

The cake was a hit and pretty simple once I got going on the idea. All in all it took about an hour to assemble aside from baking.

Shrek Character cake by Beverly F., Morrow

Shrek Character Cake Photo

Shrek Character cake by Sally D., Chattanooga

Shrek Character Cake Photo

I made this Shrek character cake for my friend’s daughter for her 3rd birthday.

I started with an 11×15 sheet cake frosted with buttercream tinted green and lavender for the border. I built the little “Shrek Shack” out of graham crackers and glued it together with royal icing. The shack dried for a few days before I put it on the cake. Once on the cake, I iced it with chocolate icing and then with tinted grey icing and ran a toothpick through it to make it like wood. I then piped green leaves all over the shack.

I made the signs with graham crackers and royal icing, and then wrote on them with a paintbrush using green icing paste. I made the swamp with chocolate icing and the rocks with fondant I marbled with black icing color to make them look like rocks.

I made the trees with upside down sugar cones and piped the leaves on with royal icing tinted green and let dry for several days before I made the cake. I purchased the Shrek character figures on eBay and the dragon at a local toy store.

I had a lot of fun making this cake. I was worth all the work when I saw the look on the birthday girl’s face!

Shrek Character Cake Photo

Shrek Character cake by Kamala M., Montclair, NJ

Shrek Character Cake Photo

My son really wanted a Shrek character cake for his 3rd birthday; for months that’s all he talked about. I ran out of time to purchase an actual Shrek “cake topper” and no bakery was offering Shrek-themed cakes at the time.

I went to Toys-R-Us and purchased the last Shrek toy on their shelves. It was a miniature replica of Shrek’s swamp home so I decided to use the toy as a cake topper and surround the swamp with all kinds of edible insects and bugs that Shrek typically eats (candy worms, ants, beetles, frogs).

I frosted the cake with dark chocolate frosting and used cookie crumbs for dirt. I used 2 boxes of regular yellow cake mix and chocolate pudding in the middle. I stacked two 9×11-inch cakes on top of one another; however, I would not recommend this configuration. The top layer was so moist that it cracked right down the middle. I used the crack to my advantage and built it into a ravine and positioned gummy worms and ants so it looked like they were coming out from underground.

If you do want to make a 9X11 cake, cut each layer into 5.5×9 and lay each stack next to one another. My son and all of his friends loved this Shrek character cake.

Shrek Character Cake Photo

Shrek Character cake by Denise P.

Shrek Character Cake Photo

My little boy LOVES Shrek, so for his 2nd Birthday I made this Shrek character cake.

The base of the cake is just a regular 9×13-inch cake pan frosted with butter cream frosting and piped with a grass tip. Shrek’s Garlic carriage is cake baked in a large muffin tin. It is frosted with butter cream frosting as well. The wheels are made out of royal icing, which I prepared a day before to let it harden. I placed the “Garlic” on top of a thin piece of cardboard and used popsicle sticks to hold it off the cake. I then leaned the wheels against the sides of the carriage.

The trees were made out of pretzel rods. I carved holes in the sides to be able to stick in small pretzel sticks for branches. I “glued” them in with a touch of chocolate frosting. I took small marshmallows and stuck them into the small pretzel sticks and then frosted them green to look like the leaves. On the top of each pretzel rod, I took large marshmallows, stuck them to the top and did the same thing (do not stick the pretzels into the Shrek character cake until a few hours before the party or they will become soggy and fall).

For the layered effect under the trees for Shrek’s house, I just baked extra cake, cut to the size I wanted, stacked them, and frosted them. I used graham crackers and pretzels for the front of his house, door, and entryway mat. The dirt under the Garlic carriage is just chocolate frosting covered with crushed graham crackers. We purchased each Shrek character from a local toy store.

Shrek Character Cake Photo
Shrek Character Cake Photo
Shrek Character Cake Photo

Shrek Character cake by Lara R., Winnipeg, MB Canada

Shrek Character Cake Photo

I started with a rectangular cake. I printed the image off on the computer, and placed it on to the cake. I carved around the paper to shape the cake. Then, I iced the Shrek cake using butter cream icing.

Shrek Character cake by Kara B., Warwick, RI

Shrek Character Cake Photo

My son was about to celebrate his 3rd birthday and all he wanted was a Shrek character party!! I had to be creative with the cake since no one had any type of Shrek character pan or PLAN for cakes.

I used my small mixing bowl as the pan to bake in. I did two halves and joined them together with icing. Then originally I had done a thin layer of icing over the entire head and used fondant I had dyed green, but with the extreme heat in August it just wasn’t working. So, I used a decorating icing dyed the appropriate colors and decorated the head.

For his ears I used the fondant and shaped them almost like a bugle and used toothpicks to hold them in place. I placed the entire Shrek head on an extra large sheet cake, and decorated it to look like dirt using chocolate icing and cookie crumbs. I then added a few gummy worms for an extra gross effect.

Shrek Character cake by Tina C., Eugene, OR

Shrek Character Cake Photo

I had a friend whose little girl loved Shrek, so when her birthday came around I thought I could do a Shrek character cake. All I used was a round cake pan and a star tip to fill in the face. I used black licorice to make the eyebrows. To make the horns I cut a big hole in the piping bag; very simple and cute.

Shrek Character cake by LuJuana T., Howe, OK

Shrek Character Cake Photo

Shrek Character cake by Sheila W., Valdez, AK

Shrek Character Cake Photo

This is a mudpie swamp cake for a Shrek character 2nd birthday party. I used a chocolate fudge cake mix and chocolate fudge frosting, with canned green icing accents.

The swamp was cut out of the cake with a pumpkin carving knife (I used the pumpkin carving saw because it is tiny and easiest to control.) The cutout is about a half inch deep, and filled with chocolate pudding. The front edge broke open during construction, so I turned it into a mud waterfall using more pudding.

The cake is embellished with sour gummy worms, Teddy Grahams, chocolate sprinkles, flower sprinkles, and a Shrek character cake topper I got from the bakery at the grocery store.