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Coolest Spiderman Birthday Cake and Spider Cupcakes

News flash, this Spiderman birthday cake was quite the experience!

I am not a professional baker but I really enjoy trying to create things. My first objective was to find something that I could bake the Spiderman birthday cake in that would eliminate a lot of the carving. For instance if I would have used a square pan. The cake was to be Spiderman’s face only and small enough for our precious 3 year old to have for himself. Which brings me to my second objective. They wanted 100 decorated cupcakes for the guests. Of course, the cupcakes had to relate to Spiderman too! More on that later.

Baking the Spiderman Birthday Cake

Back to Spidey’s face, I settled for an oval casserole dish that was just a bit larger than the face template. The template was printed from the internet and re-sized using Microsoft Word to fit the base of the casserole dish. Then I baked the cake, froze it to make it easier to trim, then I had to decide how I would ice it. A buttercream icing didn’t work because I couldn’t get it smooth enough. Now what? Okay, I’ll just melt some red candy melts, pour it over the cake while on a rack and that should do it.

Decorating Spidey

Well, once it cooled on the rack, when removing it, the candy melt coating cracked. The melts and buttercream coating made for a very thick icing so I wasn’t going to add any more. When trying to remove the candy melt coating, it pulled chunks of cake with it. Couldn’t do anything but try to repair and hope the rest of the decorations covered it. The repair was done by patching it with melts just in the required areas. Good enough for me so I moved on to the eyes and webbed face.

First I piped the black around the eye area and filled it with white candy melts. The black held the white in place so it would set up. Continuing with the web portion, I added Karo to my icing to make it more pliable and piped thin strings along the lines I had drawn on the red face with a small knife edge. I’m not real good at piping, but I settled for what I got. Not too bad, but good have been a lot better. I also, didn’t like the way the black around the eyes looked so I piped another layer over the top of them and quit at that  point.

Looking at the sides of the cake, I noticed the red did not totally cover them. I didn’t have anymore red melts so I decided to cover the sides again with white butter cream. That coordinated pretty well since the eyes were white too. One more black border around the face and the Spiderman birthday cake is done. Thank goodness!!!


On to the cupcakes…baking was no problem. Preparing them was painstaking. Cool, remove center because it’ll be filled. The chocolate cakes were filled with marshmallow fluff and the yellow and white cakes were filled with a whipped Andes Mint ganache. Now fill each one, then ice each one. Now I need a decoration for the tops. At this point, I piped melted chocolate candy chips into shapes of spiders. I got the different types of spiders from the internet by typing “spider silhouettes” into Google. (Don’t know what I would do without that internet!) To add some dimension to the spiders, I attached Junior Mints and chocolate covered raisins to the body sections with a drop or two of more melted chocolate. They looked pretty good so I didn’t make anymore adjustments.

Everyone at the party complimented the Spiderman birthday cake and loved the cupcakes. One lady even ask me where I bought my spiders.

She ordered too many cupcakes but when everyone got what they wanted to take home, there were only about 10 cupcakes left. The cake and cupcakes were a success even if I was ready to pull my hair out while making them!

Take a look at all the Spiderman birthday cakes…

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