Coolest Beer Mug Cake

I made this Beer Mug Cake for a friend’s son who was turning 30. I knew he liked to party so I thought how about a beer mug cake that looked like it was sitting on a table with pretzels and an ashtray, also I wanted it to look like beer was pouring into the mug.

My first step was to make 3-8′ round cakes. I layered the round cakes filling them with icing. I iced the cake and made a foam like icing on top. Then I had to make the handle which I made out of fondant. I put tooth picks in each end to put in the cake to stay.

Next was trying to figure out how to make the beer like pouring into the cake. I bought some tube cut it in half and poured melted chocolate in each side, also adding a bamboo stick to each end and then I froze it till it got hard. I then took them out of the tubes and spread chocolate in between them to hold together and froze it again. I then pushed the chocolate through the cake and added a beer can at the top, this is why I needed the bamboo sticks, to hold into the cake and hold the beer can.

Next I made an ashtray out of fondant and some butts from fondant. I used a silver like sprinkle to look like the ashes. I made pretzels sitting on a napkin made from fondant, putting clear glitter on top.

The birthday boy went nuts for this cake as did everyone else!  It’s been such a big hit I’ve been asked to make many more of this cake!