Coolest Anti-Gravity Beer Mug Cake

I made this anti-gravity beer mug cake for my father’s birthday and he LOVED it! It was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache coating. The fondant was marshmallow fondant and the suds were buttercream. Everything was made from scratch and I can provide recipes if anyone is interested.

To make the cake I used a balloon stick with the plastic clip “glued” to the cake board with melted chocolate. I placed 3 pieces of floral wire in the upside down balloon stick and trimmed to length. I baked 3- 6 inch round cakes, gently sliding them over the stick one at a time once they cooled. I filled the cake with chocolate ganache one layer at a time.

Tip: Stick a piece of fondant in the opening of the stick to prevent cake bits from lodging in there.

Once the cake was in place, I covered it with tinted fondant. I used a little bit of brown and sunflower yellow to create the beer color. I cut a 1 inch strip of brown fondant to wrap around the top and bottom of the cake. I used the main “gold” color or beer color fondant and made a bunch of tear drop shapes to adhere to the balloon stick. The tear drop shapes would be the beer pouring from the can.

I bent the stick (gently) to the desired angle and glued the fondant to it using melted chocolate. I prefer chocolate candy wafers over melted chocolate chips. Start where the stick meets the cake and build up a few at a time allowing a couple minutes in between for the chocolate to set. Once you reach the top of the bend, take a clean beer can (drink the beer) and glue it to the stick with the chocolate. Arrange a few pieces of fondant around the mouth of the can to make it appear like it is pouring out. I piped swirls and star shapes out of buttercream frosting as the foam. I also piped green stars on the cake board with green buttercream frosting just for visual effect.