Sweet Makeup Cake For An 8 Year Old Girl

My niece told me she wanted a “lipstick” cake for her 8th birthday. At her party there would be nail painting and other girlie stuff. So, I tried to come up with a makeup cake that was cool enough for her but still showed she is still only 8. I made a strawberry box cake that was doctored up by adding strawberry pudding mix and sour cream. Came out so delicious.

Decided to make strawberry whipped cream which looking back I wish I had made butter cream instead. Fondant pieces were sliding down the side of the cake a little but not too noticeable. Make-up pieces were all very easy to make using homemade marshmallow fondant. Just like taking play dough and shaping into objects. For the border of the cake I used Sixlets candy to look like colored pearls.

Overall I was happy with the way it came out and so was my niece.