Easy Cake Recipe Ideas for Cool Pickup Truck Cakes

Easy Cake Recipe for the Coolest Ever Truck Cake

I used a couple of different cake and loaf pans and an easy cake recipe to do this truck. The wheels are actually made with mini bundt cake pans. Cool Truck Birthday Cake Easy cake recipe by Cathy S., Metuchen I got this idea from an easy cake recipe on this website and added some … Read more

Coolest Dump Truck Cake Ideas

Coolest Dump Truck Birthday Cake by Jennifer from Forsyth, IL

My son wanted a dump truck cake for his construction party for his 3rd birthday. My husband works for CAT designing large mining dump trucks and my son thinks that is the coolest thing in the world. So I wanted to give him the birthday party that he wanted, and this was the first year … Read more

Coolest Construction Vehicle Cakes and Dump Cake Ideas

Coolest Construction Cakes and Dump Cake Ideas

My husband owns an excavator and our son thinks that it is the coolest thing in the world. This dump cake was a lot of fun to build although it was definitely time consuming. Seeing the look on our three year old son’s face made it worth while the effort. I started with two 9×13 … Read more

Cool DIY Construction Cakes and Lots of Unique Birthday Cakes

Unique Birthday Cakes - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

For my son’s 3rd birthday we created a construction cake (he loves construction vehicles). My sister-in-law is into making unique birthday cakes and this is a very cute cake. We had so much fun with it. She used brown sugar for the dirt roads and used real toy construction vehicles. She really put detail into … Read more

Coolest Construction Birthday Cake

Coolest Construction Birthday Cake Photos

The construction birthday cake recipe is one called chocolate zucchini sweet potato cake. You can go here for the recipe. My review is listed under hollygollygee and it will tell you the adjustments I made on the recipe. The buttercream recipe is from a Williams Sonoma cookbook. It is a vanilla meringue buttercream. I love … Read more

Coolest Construction Cake Ideas

Coolest Construction Cake Photos - Web's Largest Homemade Birthday Cake Photo Gallery

After having three girls and finally getting a boy we sure did have fun making this construction cake! Pretty simple, just a regular cake with a play construction set. We used chocolate chips for the dirt. I put a plain white paper table cloth down and had his sisters and cousins draw a town for … Read more

Construction Site Cake with Diggers and Edible Rocks!

My three-year-old son is very into “diggers” right now, so I knew this cake would be a hit. I found a photo online for inspiration for this cake, and I would happily give credit, but could not find the source. The cake itself is three layers of a 12-inch round cake – chocolate, of course. … Read more

A Realistic Construction “Wow” Cake that Stole the Show!

I want to start by saying I’m a complete beginner when it comes to birthday cakes! I was inspired to make a “wow” cake for my beautiful little boy because of a childhood memory of a cake my mum had made of a Dolly Varden Cake. I was 4 yrs old (now 36) and I still recollect on … Read more

Awesome Homemade 2 Tiered Handy Manny Cake

Homemade  Handy Manny Cake

This Handy Manny Cake took me about a week to make. All of the tools and Handy Manny are made from fondant. The cake is iced with buttercream and then I let it crust. I took viva pater towel and smooted it out. It makes it look like the cake is covered in fondant. Thanks … Read more

Cool Wood Working Cake

My inspiration for this wood working cake was my father-in-law, it was for his birthday. He is a skilled wood worker and between him and my husband there is no wood piece of furniture that has not been made by them. This was my first cake so I was nervous on how it would turn … Read more

Coolest 3rd Birthday Bulldozer Cake

Coolest 3rd Birthday Bulldozer Cake

I made this bulldozer cake for my son’s 3rd birthday!  I love decorating cakes, and feel that I am fairly good at it. I must admit, though, when my son requested a bulldozer cake, I wasn’t entirely confident that I could pull that one off, especially because I wanted the cake to be 3D. I think … Read more