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Easy Cake Recipe Ideas for Cool Pickup Truck Cakes

I used a couple of different cake and loaf pans and an easy cake recipe to do this truck. The wheels are actually made with mini bundt cake pans.

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

Cool Truck Birthday Cake

Easy cake recipe by Cathy S., Metuchen

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

I got this idea from an easy cake recipe on this website and added some details. Thanks for some great cake pictures to get me off and running! Prepared the cake a few days early and froze it so that it would cut easier.

First I baked an 11×13 inch cake, cut it lengthwise and froze it. One of the long pieces became the base of the truck. I supported it on graham crackers glued together with frosting and then glued them to the base of the cardboard support as well.

I had to add an extra stack of crackers to the back part of the pickup as it became too heavy.

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

With the second long piece I cut it at about 2/3 using it for the cab portion of the truck. I did need to shave the truck base down to make it flat to be able to lay the top piece on evenly. Then I used graham crackers for the pickup part gluing together with icing. I was able to find shoestring black licorice for the window outline and used Skittles and candy dots (the ones that come on sheets of long paper) for the eyes and headlights.

For the wheels I used chocolate wafer cookies-gluing together five with icing. I carved out some of the base to fit the wheels in. I used the same idea to fill the back with pumpkins from a cake on this site, worked out well since my son has a fall birthday. My daughter also had fun helping decorate with more pumpkins and animal cookies.

Awesome Homemade Cake

Easy cake recipe by Stacy P., Stansbury Park, UT

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

I don’t use a template for any of my cakes. I just have an easy cake recipe and carve them out while looking at a picture. The front ends of this truck, the wheels, the toolbox and the side view mirrors are made using rice crispy treats. I made the middle of the cake using two 9X13 cakes stacked on top of each other and then I carved using a serrated knife (be sure to carve out four places for wheels).

When I was done carving the shape of the truck I cut the cardboard that the cake was sitting on to the shape of the truck. I put the rice crispy front end in place. Then I covered a 2X4 (you could also use rice crispies) and the wheels in black fondant and set the truck on top of the 2X4.

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

I then frosted the cake and covered it in marshmallow fondant colored to match the picture I was working with. Be sure the do the windows first! Put the wheels in place and it’s done. It was a big hit at the party.

Coolest Pumpkin Truck Cake

Easy cake recipe by Anne S., Abbotsford, British Columbia

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

I saw a truck cake on the internet and decided to modify it to suit my personal needs/tastes, in other words, to change it in to an easy cake recipe. Because my son’s birthday is in October I was able to buy little pumpkin candies in bulk from my local grocery store to put into the back of the truck and a pile beside it.

Sandwich cookies are used for the wheels. Small black candies are used to outline the windows, make the grill on the front and door handles. I used the same brand of candy to make the orange tail lights and the green hood ornament. Then, I bought some licorice allsorts and took them apart to make the front and back license plates as well as the headlights. I piped icing on them to write the letter “B” [my son’s initial].

The box is made from Graham crackers pressed into the back of the cake and then iced with details. The cake is supported by stacked Graham crackers. It is composed of two loaf cakes cut and arranged into a truck shape. Huge hit with the birthday boy and guests.

Fun Yellow Birthday Cake

Easy cake recipe by Jennifer D., Cordova, TN

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

This cake was done for my nephew’s 2nd birthday.

It was a construction party. The detail on the dump cake is all fondant.

The “load” in the pickup truck is the crumbled trimmings of the cake.

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

Amazing Homemade Cake with Easy Cake Recipe

Easy cake recipe by Rachelle B., Jamestown

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

It is fun to try new things; this was my son’s fairly easy cake recipe last year. I just used two bread pans, gram crackers, and chocolate stick Oreo cookies for wheels. Cool whip and the rest of the Oreo for the back.

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

Beautiful Buttercream Cake

Easy cake recipe by Michelle S., Leith, ND

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

I couldn’t find an easy cake recipe of a pickup cake that I liked online so I just made this one up. First, I used a loaf pan for the body. I turned it upside down to decorate it so that the rounded part was on bottom. It made the pickup look more realistic and off of the ground. Then, I used a mini loaf pan for the cab of the pickup and cut the ends for the correct window shape. I shaved a little off of the front at an angle for the windshield. I had to add half of another loaf pan onto the box of the pickup to make it long enough to look right. Finally, I cut 4 cupcakes in half for the tires.

Easy Homemade Birthday Cake

Easy cake recipe by Kerry U., Gettysburg, PA

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe

This was my first attempt at making a 3-D cake. My son was turning one and all vehicles fascinated him; I roved the Internet looking for ideas for cakes. I saw a truck cake and decided to create my own.

This is an old-fashioned farm truck. I started with the idea of baking my own cake but it crumbled when I started handling it (I think it was still too warm!). So in desperation, I bought two small, undecorated pound cakes. I cut the first cake in half and added it to the front of the second cake and then I used the other half as the roof section.

To raise the body of the truck, I placed graham crackers underneath and “glued” them on with icing. I also used icing to “glue” the three parts of cake in place. I made a basic butter cream icing and used that for the windows. Then because my son loves sour things, I found a recipe for a lemony butter icing (thus the creamy color) and iced the rest of the cake with it.

The Finishing Touches

For the wheels, I used the orange Oreo cookies for bright color, gummy bears for the head and tail lights, Twizzlers peeled apart for the red linings and brown M&M’s for the door handles. I pressed graham crackers into the cake and icing and then using a cut zip-lock bag, piped on the lines for decoration.

Since my son was only one year old, I used his favorite treats to fill the back of the truck- Gerber baby vanilla cookie squares and Gerber baby fruit snacks (substitute here whatever your loved one loves to eat). If you need more cake, you can place the truck on a sheet cake and decorate it as a farm road.

Pickup Shaped Easy Cake Recipe