Coolest Construction Cake Ideas

After having three girls and finally getting a boy we sure did have fun making this construction cake! Pretty simple, just a regular cake with a play construction set. We used chocolate chips for the dirt. I put a plain white paper table cloth down and had his sisters and cousins draw a town for the decoration and then they all had matchbox cars to play with in their town!

More Construction Cake Ideas

Construction cake by Marley W., Sandy, OR

Construction Cake

This cake was for my son’s fourth birthday party, he likes John Deere but we wanted a construction themed party. We couldn’t find any ideas besides a shaped dump truck so I designed this construction cake all by myself.

The cake was very easy to do and fed over 35+ people. It took an 11×15 sheet cake (single layer) and an 8inch round single layer. I made buttercream frosting and made it into light brown John Deere construction yellow, a steel gray and orange (for name). First I decorated the 11×15 sheet cake with the light brown frosting. I left room for the round cake in the corner and placed the three pieces of equipment (bought at local store) onto the cake.

I crushed up the large round chocolate wafer cookies, plain (not an Oreo style)and some Butterfinger candy bars. I sprinkled the wafers around the bottom edge of the cake and used to make mounds on cake for dirt along with the Butterfinger. I even placed a little frosting on/in the equipment so that the crumbs would stay attached. On the left hand side I made a little ditch on and down the side of the cake and filled in with chocolate sprinkles.

Then I placed the round cake on top and frosted only the sides with the light brown frosting and then added more crumbs to make it look like the equipment was building up the John Deere emblem. I scanned a J.D. sticker and then enlarged and rotated it (backwards) on the computer. Then I placed a piece of parchment paper over it and traced it with clear piping gel (Wiltons). Then I just flipped the parchment onto the unfrosted top of the round cake and it left a clear outline of the design which I traced with yellow frosting and filled in. Then I finished by filling in with the steel gray.

This construction cake was pretty easy (not as time consuming as others) and tasted yummy with the whip cream and raspberry filling. My son loved it and best of all he got to keep the equipment.

Construction cake by Carolyn L., Bellevue, WA

Construction Cake

This construction cake I made for my son’s second birthday. He loves Bob the Builder so I ordered mini Bob the Builder characters online to put on top. Then I also found the construction signs and construction cone candles online.

The cake is a classic yellow cake with a chocolate frosting. I used Crisco Canola Oil in the cake along with the other ingredients it says to use on the box and it came out really moist and yummy. Then for the topping on the cake I just used a white icing to make the road. The “dirt” is from cookie crumbs. I used Duplex cookies and just scraped out the middles then smashed the cookies into finite crumbs.

The “logs” are butter finger sticks. The platform for the cake is just a piece of cardboard I cut out from a box. Then I wrapped it with silver wrapping paper and decorated it with construction stickers.

Construction cake by Jennifer R, Eau Claire, WI

Construction Cake

My son loved cars and trucks from early on so for his 1st birthday I decided to make him a construction cake. I made two sheet cakes from a store bought cake mixes. I used canned frosting and just added the food coloring to make the grass chocolate frosting for dirt and mixed white frosting and chocolate to make sand.

I found candy rocks at a local candy store and purchased some construction vehicles to place on top. I started by frosting the entire cake, color optional. I then used different tips on frosting bags to pipe in the grass and roadways.

The mounds of dirt and sand and rocks were small cupcakes with the bottoms cut off. I stacked them into piles and piped the appropriate color frosting over them. I finished the edges of this construction cake with leftover rock candy. It was a blast to make. I also made a small 4in cake just for him.

Construction cake by Kim F., Perris, Ca.

Construction Cake

I got all my ideas for the construction cake from the construction site down the street. I just got out of the car one day and started taking pictures and tried to recreate all the things I seen.

The hard part was going to the store and finding candy that matched all the things on the site. I purchased a tubular type of cookie for the power poles (and airbrushed them brown) and the stack of poles in the back corner, licorice rope for the power lines, the rocks in front are nuts placed in a zippy bag then I poured a little silver luster dust in the bag closed it and shook it and there you have rocks.. I also took a little fondant and squished it into a splat and did the same luster dust thing and that made the cement coming out of the truck.

The orange fencing on the construction cake is pink bubble gum tape that I airbrushed orange and sandwiched together with buttercream I laid toothpicks between the sandwiched gum for poles. They worked great. I also formed a porta-potty out of fondant then airbrushed it.. I made traffic cones and airbrushed them too.

I placed two 1/2 sheet cakes on the board and frosted them kind of messy to look like dirt. After about five to six minuets the icing crusted so I ran a few different vehicles over and around the top of the cake to make the tracks. I made some mounds of frosting for dirt piles, filled the dump truck with frosting and the scooper of the tractor with a little frosting. I also covered the cake board with frosting to look like an extension of the construction site then I airbrushed the entire cake making sure to enhance some of the tracks from the trucks. Also I airbrushed the dirt in the truck and tractor. Great.

Then assembling the construction was fun just put things where they looked real, like the truck with rocks by the man with the pick on the rock road and so on. like I said I had pictures of a real construction site to look at so hopefully that will be a good idea for anyone who wants to do something like this. Just take pictures and then expand on them.

Thanks for looking at my cake; it was a hit at the party. And fun to do, just remember Cake decorating is supposed to be fun.

Construction cake by Susie L, Glendale, AZ

Construction Cake

My son is fascinated with heavy equipment. As a gift I bought him some Hot-Wheels sized equipment but before he could play with it we put it on his construction cake.

The cake is actually completely made of ice cream. My three year old son usually leaves the cake and just eats the ice cream so it was what he wanted. He helped me crush chocolate sandwich cookies in a zipper bag with a rolling pin. I cut waxed paper in the shape of my cake pans, softened the ice cream then spread it in the pans. I sprinkled the crushed cookies generously on top of the ice cream and pressed them in then froze them overnight.

The morning before the party I thawed the three layers of ice cream and cookies and assembled them on my cake plate. It “frosted” easily with Cool Whip tinted yellow with food coloring and a rubber spatula. I used chocolate Cool Whip on the top for “dirt.” Then we placed the toy construction equipment and embellished with more crushed cookie “rocks” both chocolate and vanilla. We filled the dump truck with the “rocks” and sprinkled them around the base of the cake. We also piled up “dirt in the bulldozer and used a knife to dig a hole in the “dirt” in front of the backhoe.

My son was absolutely in love with his construction cake and he snuck the bulldozer to use instead of his fork! I think the adult guests would have preferred to have at least one of the layers to be actual cake but my son was in heaven.

Construction cake by Jana P., Proctorville, OH

Construction Cake

This was a very simple construction cake. I made a half of a sheet cake. I iced it with white and sprayed the green on. I used crushed Oreos for the dirt. I bought a set of cheap dump trucks to put on the cake. For the border I used a large round tip and went around the cake with black. I then went back with a number one tip and yellow icing and made the border to look like a road.

Construction cake by Katie P., St. Peters, MO

Construction Cake

I did a construction themed party for my son’s 2nd birthday. A friend of mine lent me her cake tiers which worked out really well for holding the cake and cupcakes. I just used black and yellow streamers to wrap around the columns and black tissue paper around the base.

For the dump cake I just used two standard 9″ round cake pans and frosted them with regular butter cream frosting. I crumbled up chocolate graham crackers and sprinkled them on top of the cake to make it look like dirt. I bought some new hot wheels to put on top of the cake and made construction signs out of some stickers that I found and put them on some sucker sticks.

For the cupcakes I found some little yellow hardhats on Ebay and stuck them on top. I also found a candy truck mold on Ebay and I made some milk chocolate shaped trucks to put on top of some of the cupcakes as well.

Construction Cake

Construction cake by Melanie C., Goodyear, AZ

Construction Cake

I made this dump cake for my son’s birthday party. He loves cars and trucks. I made a rectangle sheet cake the day before the party and bought a cheap plastic construction set at Wal-Mart.

I frosted the cake the morning of the party and placed the washed plastic pieces in place. I crushed vanilla wafers for the sand in the dump truck and crushed Oreo cookies (not the crème) for the dirt. I used orange writing for the construction theme and used the remaining cookie crumbs around the edge of the cake. One child even said but how are we going to eat around all that dirt!! Add those rock shaped gum pieces for even more effect. (I didn’t find them in time).

Construction cake by Emily B., Marlborough, MA

Construction Cake

My friend’s son was turning 3 and they were having a Construction party for him. I purchased a construction vehicle play set (which also served as part of his birthday present) to make a “work site.” After washing the individual pieces I attached pieces of lollipop sticks to the bottoms with royal icing to serve as spikes to hold everything on the cake – especially the trucks with wheels!

I iced the cake to look like dirt with brown icing. Then I smoothed the front section of the cake where the workers have “excavated” the words “Happy Birthday”. I dusted the top of the cake with a mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon to make the dark dirt on top. And I piped some grass along the bottom for the border. This construction cake was a huge hit!

Construction cake by Tina D., Maywood, NJ

Construction Cake

This is the first time I ever did create something like this. My inspiration to do this was my son and also being sick of overpriced chintzy store bought cakes. My 4-year-old wanted his favorite construction trucks featured on his birthday cake. I made a 2-layer cake, (9X13 pans) and trimmed before icing it. I used the trimmings to make a mound of dirt on one corner, used raisinettes for boulders, and licorice candy as rubber bumpers for the base of the construction cake.

I made individual cupcakes for each of his friends and found these great tool shaped cake toppers and candles. I fished in his toy chest for construction cones, men and signs. I used a sharpie to write his name on the blank signs. I did not show him his construction cake till it was ready to be cut. His expression of pure joy made all the work worthwhile.

Construction cake by Coreena G., Hinton, AB

Construction Cake

For this construction cake, I baked a chocolate sheet cake (any recipe that you like). After it cooled I froze it to make it easier to ice. Once it was frozen I iced it with white buttercream icing. I created a pond using blue Jello Jigglers. I just cut out a pond shape from the cake and used the pieces to create a pile of dirt that was being excavated.

I used graham wafer crumbs mixed with Oreo crumbs to create the road. I made a Happy Birthday sign using the computer. We got a toy excavator for my son and I took his picture on it and then cut it out so he was one of the construction workers.

Construction Cake

Over all this was a very easy construction cake to make and everyone thought that it was great. I had fun making it and can’t wait for the next one.

Construction Cake