Coolest Eyeball Cake

Sometime after my son’s 6th birthday, he started saying “eyeball” as an answer to everything. I would say, “what do you want for dinner?”, he would say ,”eyeball.”  I would say “which shirt are you going to wear?” and he would say “eyeball.”  He was just being very silly and sometimes saying “eyeball” for no … Read more

Coolest Monster Book of Monsters Cake

I made this Monster Book of Monsters cake for my 9 year old nephew. He loves reading and as most boys that age, the Harry Potter books are a favorite. So, I looked online for some inspiration and I saw a few similar type cakes and decided to give it a go. The cake was … Read more

Awesome Chainsaw Forestry Birthday Cake

My brother turned 40 recently. We’re pretty close and he’s recently separated from his wife of 13 years. So I thought he deserved a most awesome cake! He owns a business that exports logs and clears farmer’s forestry blocks. His crew only use Stihl chainsaws, so I wanted to make a masculine cake that was kinda cool … Read more

Disgustingly Awesome Trash Pack Cake

Want to learn how to make the trashiest Trash Pack cake that your child will LOVE?!?! You are in the right place. I am certainly no expert and I feel like if I can do it, anyone can! So, put on your brave face and let’s do this! I did not take a lot of … Read more