Sometime after my son’s 6th birthday, he started saying “eyeball” as an answer to everything. I would say, “what do you want for dinner?”, he would say ,”eyeball.”  I would say “which shirt are you going to wear?” and he would say “eyeball.”  He was just being very silly and sometimes saying “eyeball” for no reason at all. So it wasn’t a big surprise when I asked him what kind of cake he was going to want for his next birthday and he said “eyeball.” I thought it sounded like a fun cake to make but I also  thought he would change his mind long before his birthday actually arrived.

Turns out, he really did want an eyeball cake and so that’s what I made. I started out planning something pretty simple like a 2 layer round cake covered in white butter cream with a piped on iris. I’m a novice cake maker and while I like watching shows where they make fancy cakes, my actual experience is very limited. My one previous attempt at covering a cake with fondant failed miserably as it was a lumpy hot mess.  As time went on though, I got it in my head that I wanted this to look like an actual eyeball. I wanted it to be round,  look somewhat anatomically correct, and be smooth. I could not convince myself to back off of my “eye”dea.

I made this cake by baking 2 white cakes in a dome shaped cake pan that was  8″ X 4″.  After cooling, I put both domes in the freezer for a little while just to give them as much stability as possible going into this. I thought I would have to cut off the bottom of one, but somehow I didn’t have to. The inverted bottom dome just sort of flattened out by itself- very slightly- but enough that it stayed right there. I put a layer of butter cream frosting in between the two domes and then covered with a light layer of butter cream and put back in the freezer. Then after about 30 minutes I took the cake out and put a final layer of butter cream, smoothed that out as much as possible,  and then added white fondant rolled out to about 1/4″ thickness.  The result was smooth and it was round- I was very happy and surprised it had all worked out.

I created the iris out of white fondant. I rolled this white fondant out to probably 1/8″ thickness or so (though if I did it again I would probably try to go even thinner so it would be slightly less heavy). I used a bowl to trace out the circle, and then used 2 different food coloring colors (sky blue and royal blue) mixed with a little water and a little piping gel for the colored part of the eye. I used a little butter cream to get some white lines for the lighter accent lines in there. I painted that on and then let it dry for a little while. Then I used black fondant for the pupil, again rolling it out and using a small glass as a cookie cutter for that circle. I used little white fondant balls flattened out for the light reflections. I attached this part to the larger cake with piping gel and butter cream for glue. I then mixed some red food coloring into the remaining butter cream to pipe on the red lines on the eye. That was my son’s favorite part!

I also included a little picture of the cupcake I made. I was worried that the bigger cake was going to fall apart or not work out so I made it as a back-up. Luckily I didn’t need it and the eyeball cake was a success! My son was very happy with it.