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Terrific Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

This terrific Teddy Bears Picnic cake was my daughter’s 2nd birthday cake. I’d not had much experience with cake decorating, so I was pretty pleased with the result. I was also pretty pleased with people’s reactions to it at the party! We don’t like our child having too much food coloring,  so we decided this was a good option, given we could whip the blanket and the picnic right off the cake and just dust some icing sugar over it for serving up. Of course, a lot of the kids just GRABBED at the decorations and gobbled them up anyway (oops)!

I made a Chocolate Nutmeg Cake. People love this cake. Unfortunately I have no idea who gave me the original recipe, so I can’t pass on the recipe here. I made a YUMMY chocolate ganache filling to sandwich between the 2 layers and I also used some berry jam for added flavor. People adored it.

My daughter just LOVED it. It made me so happy I’d gone to all the effort when she saw it and squealed. We made all the ornaments out of fondant and we did this whilst away on holiday, after she’d gone to bed for the night. This helped save so much time on the day of the party. The picnic blanket is just a square of fondant that we made on the day (so it was pliable and hadn’t set like the ornaments). I used a flower cutter to indent slightly the blanket to make it look pretty, and a skewer to make the tassel look.  I hand painted the “china” with flowers from normal food coloring  I also painted on some of the fruit detail etc. There is even a little baby bear in the arms of the momma bear.

I used a #2 candle at the base. We’ve kept the figurines in an old ice cream container (cleaned!) and my daughter still loves to admire them today and she’s now 6 yrs old. I think was my favorite cake to make.

I found inspiration for this cake online, there are many different versions.