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Adorable Homemade Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes and Decorating Tips

This childrens cakes is for twins first birthday. I got the basic idea from the Jane Ashley Cake book and put my own ideas into it. The cake was a chocolate sponge with American Frosting.

Happy Polar Bear Cake

Childrens Cake by Steph S., Orlando, FL

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

This is a Country Bear cake made for my mom! She loves children’s cakes. Also Polar bears. The Country Bears from Disney and also Willie Nelson – So I made a Country Polar Bear cake for her!

It took several pans to create this children’s cake. I used Betty Crocker cake mixes (Carrot cakes, her favorite). The head is a large muffin/cupcake, the body is Betty Crocker Bake -‘n-Fill (filled with more cake) and the feet are small cupcakes. I used some toothpicks to hold it all together. Frosted it with regular frosting – Dyed some of it blue with regular food dye to make the overalls. Piping gel in black was used for outlines, red writing frosting for the foot pads and ear details. Oh yeah the ears are mom’s favorite mint cookies stuck into the frosting and then frosted over.

The eyes are her favorite candy Whoppers! The buttons are real buttons though I guess I could’ve used just white blobs of frosting there (I think I was going for realism or something!)

The hat is one found at a craft store as well as his balloons. The guitar is cut out of cardboard and decorated to look like Willie Nelson’s beat up old guitar.

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

My mom absolutely loved this cake. I was so pleased.

Cool Furry Bear Cake

Cake by Valerie G., Quebec, Canada

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

A hairy 3D bear cake I created for my son’s baptism. If I’m right, the tip number is 133 for the hairy look (a great result but a bit longer to do though). It is a round tip with 8-10 small holes so when you press the icing, it looks like hair coming out! I love creating children’s cakes!

Sweet Birthday Cake

Cake by Karol F., Summerfield, NC

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

I used the idea from one of the previous submissions to create this white bear cake. One 8″ round with the center cut out to a 6″ circle for the head and then an 8″ square pan for the body. Cut the ring from the 8″ round for the paws.

Use two cupcakes for ears (rounded side up). Then one cupcake cut off to use the flat part for the nose. I added a chocolate chip in the nose and 2 chips for the eyes. I also added a real bow and used decorator icing for the words and outline.

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes
Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

Cool Teddy Bear Cake and Cupcakes

Cake by Gayle L., Glen Arm, MD

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

I like making childrens’ cakes. For my son’s first birthday, I made this Bear cake.

So with some slight modifications, I made this creation. I used two cake mixes. The first, I baked in four greased and floured bake pans: a 1-1/2 quart casserole, a 10 oz. custard cup, and two 6-oz. custard cups. The second mix, I baked in a 7×11 inch pan, and the rest as cupcakes.

To assemble the cake, trim about 1/2 inch from the cake baked in the casserole dish, and place trimmed side down. Then level the custard cup cakes. Trim about 1/2 from the edge of small custard cup cakes. Use brown-tinted frosting to “glue” the ears to the large cake. Then “glue” the large custard cup cake on top.

Ice the entire cake with brown frosting. Use dark chocolate frosting to draw on the eyes, eyebrows and nose. Cut a bow tie from the 7×11 inch cake. Ice with blue frosting, and use blue sugar sprinkles to add some dimension.

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

The paw print cupcakes were iced with the same brown frosting as used on the cake. I decorated them each with one Peppermint Patty and three mega chocolate chips.

Awesome Homemade Childrens Cakes

Childrens Cake by Gaetane S., Toronto, Canada

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

Cool Homemade Cake

Childrens Cake by Tracy G., Hope Mills, NC

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

Read Tracy’s “Party-Tale”: The story behind the cake…

Amazing Wilton Stand Up Bear Pan Cake and Cupcakes

Childrens Cake by Becky Z., North Miami, FL

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

This bear was made using Wilton’s Stand Up Bear pan and decorated with butter cream stars. 24 sports ball cupcakes accompanied it.

Cute Bear Face Birthday Cake

Childrens Cake by Nicole S., York, PA

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

When I found the animal cracker cake mold at Michael’s craft store I thought how perfect that would be for my son’s 2nd birthday party. The theme we chose was jungle animals.

Each animal was made of different cake mixes (these childrens cakes were boxed cake mixes like Duncan Hines) and different icings. I wanted people to have a variety of childrens cakes to choose from. The brown bear was chocolate icing.

Some tips for these sort of childrens cakes are:

*Keep the icing in the fridge until you are ready to use it, if not the stars will not look like stars but like blobs and the icing will run and not look nice. I learned the hard way.

*Do not use the pour and frost icings by Betty Crocker. It was more liquidy and the stars looked like blobs. As you are making the stars the heat from your hands melt the icing.

*Grease the cake mold REALLY well or when you flip the cake out it will stick. I also bought a decorating bag with the size tips that are listed in the animal cracker cake mold instructions.

Childrens cakes are so much fun!! I plan on making more childrens cakes in the future.

I’ve never used a cake mold to make a cake before; this was all new to me.

Adorably Fluffy Birthday Cake

Childrens Cake by V. P., Canada

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

Cool 3D Childrens Cake

Childrens Cake by Evelyn F., Donaldson, PA

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

This cake was for a small Halloween party at my daughter’s daycare. I used my Stand-Up Pooh pan, but instead of decorating it with the honey pot, I made the belly look like a pumpkin costume and put a pumpkin-themed hat on it’s head.

I love this kind of cake because it’s done mostly with the star tip, which is pretty easy for anyone to work with. It was a huge success! The kids loved it.

Fun Homemade Teddy Bear Cake

Childrens Cake by Kid R., Sacramento, CA

Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes

I made an 8-inch round cake, cut an inner circle for the face, and cut the outer circle into 8 rectangular pieces. I used only 4 pieces for legs. Then I made a 8-inch square cake for the body and used the 2 muffins as ears, 1/2 muffin (upside down) for nose, chocolate-covered M&M’s for eyes, and coconut mixed with cocoa for fur.

It came out really well. The frosting was not too sweet because I used cool whip and food coloring and decorated and refrigerated the cake a few hours before the party. Everyone loved it.