Coolest Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

I modelled all the bears on this Teddy Bears Picnic Cake on the actual teddies which belonged to the birthday girl and boy. Everything apart from the trees, the drumsticks and the fishing rods was edible. I started by making four spiced apple cakes then carving them into shape and sticking them together with apricot jam. I covered them with fondant and then iced the sea directly onto the board and decorated it with edible glitter.

I made the trees by wiring a frame and then covered them with a combination of fondant and royal icing. I stuck a hook in each of the peaches and hung them on the tree. I put glitter on the leaves in patches. All the musical instruments were gilded with gold pearl dust and confectioners glaze.

I made each bear from fondant and iced the furry ones with royal icing too. I made the lace and knit-work for “mother and father bear” at the picnic by impressing a pattern with a cocktail stick on the icing clothes and frilling the edges.

The train took the longest and was the trickiest because I had to make each side of each carriage separately, dry them, pipe them and then stick them together with edible glue.

The icing picnic was a great success with all the children who loved eating mini versions of cake, sandwiches, hot cross buns and jam tarts. I loved making this cake and it is my favourite of all the cakes I have ever made!


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  1. Fantastic cake. I am going to attempt something similar using your cake as a guide. Never done anything close to this before so it will be interesting to see how it goes. It looks amazing – not sure mine can come close but I’ll give it a shot


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