My grand-daughter was celebrating her 2nd birthday and I am in charge of birthday cakes. This has been my job since the birth of my grand-son seven years ago.  Each year a different theme, each year a new challenge.  The theme for Casey’s 2nd birthday party was Teddy Bears Picnic – so naturally a Teddy Bear birthday cake was required. I went on-line to Coolest Cakes – always my first port of call.  There were some amazing cakes and some great ideas.

I decided to be bold and try and make a cake with ‘fur’.  The advice given was to use the ‘grass’ attachment for my piping bag. I bought this two weeks prior to the party and the week before made some cup-cakes and had a practice run. Not bad, reasonably easy, but hey, there were just four little cup cakes.  Not a fully grown big brown bear. But undeterred I hired my teddy-bear cake tin – baked a chocolate cake and Friday evening 6.00pm  (the party was 11.30am Saturday), I commenced my fur enhancement to my teddy bear.

I did a light coating of butter icing first so my fur had something to adhere to, then off I went. It was a bit of a marathon and my wrists were rather sore by 1 am when I had completed it all (including fondant paws, ears and heart).  My daughter (Casey’s Mum) reckoned it was my best yet.  Casey loved it – and it did look like my teddy bear had fur – be it squiggly fur.  Mission accomplished.