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Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

Coolest Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

My name is Celeste and I am a hobby baker. I made this turkey cake for my husband’s work Thanksgiving  Party (Dept. of Veterans…, D.C.).

To make the cake I used chocolate cake (because that’s what my husband requested) and I used two 11 inch round cakes, both 2 inches high.

After carving I used the leftover cake for the legs. I mashed the leftovers like making cake pops and shaped it into the legs.

The bones were made of gum paste which I prepared ahead of time, as well as the wings.

I used ganache as I find it easier to work with than buttercream and also my husband is not a fan of buttercream. If I’m not mistaken, I think I used no more than 1 lb. of fondant to cover the whole cake. Read more about this Thanksgiving Turkey cake…

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake

Cool Homemade Thanksgiving Cornucopia Cake

My husband and I always host Thanksgiving dinner for our very close friends and family.

I love the tradition of having a cornucopia on my table. I normally make cornucopia using a horn-shaped bamboo basket with fresh fruits and dried corn, some fresh fall flowers, and some dried decorative squash.

Since I love making cakes, not as a business but as a hobby, I the realized why not make a cornucopia cake as something new?

The cake is made of lemon cake. I got the recipe on-line and I used three round cake pans to bake. The cake is four layers with chocolate buttercream icing. I cut around to make a V-shape. Read more about this Cornucopia cake…