Cool Birthday Cake Idea: Alligator in Water

Cool Birthday Cake Idea: Alligator in Water

My daughter wanted to have a reptile party for her 8th birthday and her favorite reptile is an alligator. She asked not to use any fondant on the cake. I usually only use homemade butter cream icing on all my cakes. I wanted to make the cake look like it was for a girl so I decided … Read more

Coolest Swamp People Cake

Coolest Swamp People Cake

This was a cake was based on the TV show Swamp People. Meet tree breaker. This is the name given to the monster gators that break the tree limbs that hold the bait. The phrase choot’em was made popular by Troy. He tells his partner to choot’em as he wrestles the gator into position.

Awesome Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

I made this Crocodile Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 8th birthday, as we had ‘Crocodile Encounters’ to entertain the children. I made a sponge cake, cut out a hole for the pond, and filled it with two shades of blue fondant icing rolled together to get a marble effect, I then covered the cake in … Read more

Coolest Gator Cake

Homemade Gator Cake

My grandson Ryan wanted a gator cake for his 5th Birthday party, this is what we wound up with. I started out with a 14×3 round cake pan for the body, and a 14x14x3 square to make the gators tail, nose and feet. For the head I used 2 lg cupcakes. I used butter cream … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alligator Cake Photos and Tips 10

My son is obsessed with alligators so for his 3rd birthday I came to the coolest birthday cakes website and found some really great ideas for an alligator cake (you can even see the printout I was using in picture #1!) I tweaked this one a little and the results were fantastic. I used Swiss … Read more

Coolest Swamp Alligator 5th Birthday Cake

Homemade Swamp Alligator 5th Birthday Cake

My now 5 year old loves the show “Swamp People” that comes on The History Channel. So for his 5th birthday I decided that I would make him is own Swamp. The Swamp water that is under the Gator is poured sugar that I added food coloring to, to make it turn out the right … Read more

Coolest Alligator Cake

Homemade Alligator Cake

Here is a alligator cake that was made for my cousin’s second birthday. He loves alligators and wanted big “real” one on top of cake instead of just a small toy one plus we are a big family so needed lots of cake so I decided to make a 12×12 square (flat)cake and make alligator … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alligator and Crocodile Cake Decoration Idea 6

I made this alligator/crocodile cake for my sons 7th birthday party.  He had originally wanted a “Crocodile Hunter” cake, and I wanted to make it for him.  However, I was short on time and could not find any Steve Irwin type figurines to use on the cake.  I remembered my mother making us an alligator … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alligator Cake Photos and Tips 11

This is a very BIG Croc cake. My Grandson Dante loves crocs. I got the idea from your web site for an alligator cake but changed it up a little. I used a Strawberry Shortcake pan (upside down) for the head, shaped it up a bit, 9 in. round for the middle and a bundt … Read more

Coolest Crocodile Birthday Cake

Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

I was asked to do a Crocodile Birthday Cake for a friend’s little boy for his 5th birthday. The request, ”a green crocodile, the whole body (not just the head), mouth closed, shaped like a crocodile.” This cake was carved out of a single 9×13” chocolate cake. I had searched the internet for crocodile pictures, … Read more

Coolest Alligator Birthday Cake 49

Homemade Alligator Birthday Cake

My little girl is not very girly and wanted an alligator birthday party at an alligator/petting zoo. I just thought I’d make my own Alligator Birthday Cake since the local bakeries were just not willing to make what I had in mind. I’m an artist, so I didn’t think it’d be too difficult, except for … Read more