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That’s a Cake! Grill Birthday Cake

My name is Cindy and I live in White Bluff, Tennessee just outside of Nashville and yes I love country music and baking cakes. This is my famous “Grill” cake. I have been doing cakes for 20 years but took a class recently on how to decorate with fondant and loved it. My dad is my hero and the best dad ever so when Father’s Day came around I wanted to come up with something that described him. My parents own an RV and do a lot of camping so my dad does a lot of grilling.

For Father’s Day I went to the local grocery store and bought him a slab of ribeye steaks and that was his gift. He was excited but the best was yet to come. We took my dad out to lunch on Father’s Day to a nice restaurant. My husband, son and myself arrived early with the cake and asked that they hide it in the kitchen until we were ready. After lunch I excused myself from the table and slid into the kitchen area to get the cake. When I pulled it out of the box that kitchen went crazy. The workers were in awe over it, a customer stopped me and said “that is amazing, can I take a picture of it”.

The manager asked me for my phone number so he could call me and get me to make his kids birthday cakes. He said that he sees a lot of cakes come through the restaurant when people have special occasions but this one was the best. He could not believe that the whole thing, spatula and all was edible. My dad was so shocked he just sit there and kept starring at it and saying “I can’t believe you did this and it’s a cake” The hardest part about the cake was the handles, they made me nervous because I just knew they would come off but they didn’t and it all came together perfectly.

My son is so proud of what I do. He has photos of my cakes on his IPhone and he is constantly showing them off.  My dad has a printed out photo of the cake and he takes it with him and shows everyone his famous Father’s Day cake I made him. The most common reaction is “THAT’S A CAKE!”  But to be honest, it was just as tasty as it was cool looking. I will post more cool cakes very soon, I love sharing what I do. I like many others, want to do this full-time at home so I can spend more time with my family.

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