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Coolest Disney Pixar UP House Cake Tutorial

I put so much time into this cake that I’m glad to share my UP house cake tutorial to save you some time. I spend all of my time creating cakes for my customers, friends and family, so I knew my wedding cake had to be something special. Me and my partner love the film UP, so we thought we’d go for a bit of theme. Little did I know that the cake would take over my life for 5 solid days!

UP house cake tutorial: Choosing the tasty flavors

Making the actual cakes was the easiest part of this cake. I probably made it harder for myself though by choosing a mixture of my favourite flavours. I’m not going to give away my secret recipes, but here are the mouth-watering flavors we picked:

  • 1: vanilla sponge with raspberry jam and butter cream filling
  • 2: carrot and walnut sponge with cream cheese filling
  • 3: chocolate sponge with chocolate fudge filling
  • 4: sticky toffee sponge with toffee butter cream filling

UP house cake tutorial: Putting it all together

The cakes were all cooked and left to cool overnight, before layered them up with their respective fillings. To make sure people weren’t getting carrot cake mixed with a bit of chocolate fudge, I just used a piece of card to separate the different flavors.  Once I had my mound of cake, I started by carving the shape. I needed to add supports in some places, like above the porch to ensure that it all stayed together.

The devil is in the detail

Although I make cakes day in day out, I didn’t quite realize how much effort needed to go into the detail for the UP house. Before I began, I studied the house from every angle, watched YouTube clips, got stills from the movie and took a look at other people’s attempts. Getting the right colors for the walls was really important for me, so I spent ages blending sugar paste colors to get exactly the right shade. I was also adamant that I would include every last drainpipe and window ledge – I even went as far as personalizing the letterbox.

Paradise Falls… here we come!

I spent weeks thinking of how I could create the balloons out of the top of cake. I thought about everything, from bouncy balls to real mini-balloons and plastic sprays, but I wanted it to be edible. So, I decided upon using lollipops after a lot of thought and planning. I stuck them into a polystyrene egg. To make sure the whole thing was sturdy, I attached the egg to a large wooden dowel (much like a candy tree), which was screwed to the cake board. I began by cutting the lollipop sticks in half and pushing them into the polystyrene… over 100 lollipops later and… well you can see the final result yourself.

The big day finally arrived

Well, if I wasn’t nervous enough on the biggest day of my life, I was also worrying about the reactions of my friends and family. Were they expecting something traditional? Did they even know the film? All these thoughts were running through my mind.

I needn’t have panicked as everyone absolutely LOVED it – even people that hadn’t seen the UP movie! And I was over the moon. I hope you’ll find this UP house cake tutorial helpful!

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