I made this cake for my daughter’s 2nd birthday…It’s been four months, and she still talks about it and thanks me! I made it a 2 tier, one white confetti, and one chocolate. The characters, the number two, and flowers were made out of sugar cookies, which I hand cut from the dough, baked, and then added the icing. I did the main colors first, then added the details with the outlines. This was the hardest part, because the outlines had to be very thin lines, and I was using those gel icings, because I couldn’t find black coloring.. I used the star tip for the cake icing, and the extra coordinating colors around the layers added a lot! The icing was just basic buttercream. I used Wilton food coloring, and the light purple was the same as the dark, just with less coloring. No one seems to carry any Barney decorations anymore, so I added the flowers (some of which were off by the time I took this pic!) to coordinate with the flower decorations that I used.