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Homemade Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my 4 year old niece. She’s a Tinkerbell fanatic! We started with a Wilton flower pan base, and of course this had to be perfectly pink! After icing we added the other layers and the fondant polka-dots and small flowers were too cute! We decided to use round for our last layers, to give it character. We thought this would be more stylish, than adding more flower layers. Our second layer is bright purple, to match the Tinkerbell partyware. We added several fondant flowers and iced in some swirls to make it super cute! My kids love fondant and always request the left overs! Our third layer is bright neon green, cause what would a Tinkerbell cake be without some green?? Since we were gonna add Tinkerbell later, we didn’t want to add any decorations to the top, so Tink could be the star! I iced in my niece’s name in purple to match! My sister wanted some of the floating flowers, so we took thin floral wire and twisted it to make it thick enough to hold the fondant. After each flower, we added a dot of icing to hold it in place. Since Tinkerbell was gonna be the star, we didn’t want to add to many. Finally…Tinkerbell came to the party and made her appearance on the cake. I don’t have that picture, but she was laying on her belly, chin in propped hands, and feet up and crossed. We piped in some grass around her, and a few pink flowers, and she was ready to go!! The cake was a huge hit, and the kids loved it! I’ve had so many requests already for a cake just like this one, and can’t wait to make another!

All icing was Wilton and Fondant was Wilton as well.

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