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Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake Ideas

I made this cake for a girl’s birthday party. The flavor was strawberry and color theme was pink.

  • Beautiful Butterfly Cake
  • Beautiful Butterfly Cake
  • Beautiful Butterfly Cake
  • Beautiful Butterfly Cake

Baked two 9×13″ cakes with strawberry flavor, cut the sides to give the shape of  butterfly. ( I drew the butterfly outline on a sheet of paper, cut it and then put it over the cake to get accurate shape). Once it’s done, started icing the cake. Most of the Butterfly Birthday Cake was iced with whipped cream as  it makes the cake yummy and that is what the parents of birthday girl wanted.

Once done with layering and icing the cake with whipped cream I used color mist spray color (edible) to give the effects of pink color all over the cake.  I also used various other color spray to make it a little more colorful later on. As the cake was strawberry flavor, I assembled thin slices of strawberry in between the layer and all around the cake (cake wall). Then I made a couple of designs using the butter cream icing to give the various patterns on the wings.

Even though the cake was looking quite pretty at this point I wanted the real butterfly effect on the cake. So I put a couple of food colors on a plate  and using little milk to dilute  and using the paint brush (used in cakes but looks like normal paint brush), started giving shades on the patterns. It was a little time consuming as fresh cream is pretty hard to work on, but the result was really good ( as I got loads of compliments later on for my hard work). Once done with decorating the wings , body and shading I did the boundaries.  To make the antennas of butterfly I melted chocolate and put it on wax paper in it’s shape. Once dried and solid I simply and carefully assembled it over the mouth of Butterfly Birthday Cake. Voila… my Butterfly Birthday Cake was ready!

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

I made this Butterfly Birthday Cake for my niece’s 1st birthday as she loves butterflies. I started by making a round chocolate cake, left it to cool and then refrigerated it for 30 mins. which made it easy to cut.

  • Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

I had 1 kg white icing prepared and then mixed some purple and pink icing and placed into 2 piping bags with star nozzles. I then cut the chilled cakes into half and then halves into 3/4 (see pic for ref), move apart as the picture shows. I then iced the entire cake with white icing so no cake is visible and chilled for 15 mins. I added the final layer of smooth icing and making sure it’s all even.

Finally my favorite part of decorating arrived. I started to pipe the borders below and top sides. I piped the patterns on top which is the wings (use picture as guideline). I used small silver balls sweets to give a sparkle effect. The antenna is a pipe cleaner which is bent and placed on, however any long sweets can be used. Round candy was used for the eyes.

If you want to get the kids involved in making the cake, I suggest substitute the nozzle icing for different types of candy. They can create their own patterns and designs. To personalize your cake use the birthday child’s favorite colors for the butterfly. It will make it super special.

This cake can be made the day before so you can sort out other stuff for the big day. I really enjoyed making this cake. The birthday girl and family were excited and amazed. That was the best part of making this cake. Seeing the happiness on their faces.

Good luck to all attempting to make it and enjoy!

Coolest Butterfly Mask Birthday Cake

Well I made this Butterfly cake last year for mine and my sisters birthday. We have the same birthday but 6 years apart. I made chocolate and yellow cake. Both tries where two layers and I made buttercream icing from home. I drew the design on paper before I made the cake.

  • Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

I bought the masks at party city and glued on sticks to stick in the Butterfly Birthday Cake. I like blue and my sister like purple so I made the cake for both our colors. She loved it when she saw it and so did I. I was very proud of my Butterfly Birthday Cake as I did an excellent job on it.

The spray was done with my spray gun for my cakes and was done like a diamond shape and added buttercream butterflies to the side all hand drawn on the cake.

Coolest Butterfly Birthday Cake

This cake was fairly easy to make! I bought 4 heart-shaped cake pans from the local party shop (disposable aluminum kind for $1). The wings were made from the hearts and each heart was about 1/2 of a cake mix. The body was an oval casserole pan that used about 1/3 of a cake mix, maybe less. The head was a giant cupcake.

  • Butterfly Birthday Cake

The most time consuming part was frosting of course! I would suggest that if you're going to pipe a border, that you cool the frosting just a little bit. It seemed to come out of the gun a little fast if it was room temperature. I seemed to have more control over the edging if it was just a little cool. 

This cake was a show-stopper and I had so much fun! My daughter probably won't remember her 2nd birthday, but we will :)

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