My first cake that I have ever decorated, was actually pretty easy. I made a double layered cake. Covered the entire cake with frosting, white. Left the top with very light amount of frosting and smoothed the outer edge out with a normal amount of frosting. Then took some of the frosting in the container and added green food coloring. Put it on half the cake and chopped up oreo cookies and put them on the other half. Divided the two sides up with cheerios. Then took a fork and fluffed up the side that was green to give it a grassy look. Then I sprinkled green sprinkles on top of the grass to add some more color.

I then took red frosting and outlined the top and bottom edges, then I took frosting gel and put lines along the outer edge to make it look like a road. The oreo cookies are there to look like a track. The finer that you chop up your oreo cookies the more like a smooth track it will look like. I also used frosting gel to put the number 1 on the top, within the grass, to signify my son’s first birthday. I placed Luigi and Guido in the grassy part to cheer on Lightening.

I cooked both layers the night before and put them in the freezer over night. It made it a lot easier to cut the curve off the top of the cakes, and make a nice flat surface to decorate on. Plus, since the cakes were a little firmer, it made frosting them much easier. I did this all approx. 3 hours before the party. By the time the party started and the cake was cut, it was not at all frozen, it was soft and moist, and delicious!!