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Coolest Apple Computer Cake 8

by Mariam
(Vienna, Austria, Europe)

Homemade Apple Computer Cake

Homemade Apple Computer Cake

I made this Apple Computer Cake for a friend's brother-in-law's 40th birthday. He works in IT. I baked two high rectangular chocolate cakes which I then cut and sandwich with chocolate mouse and set them into a Notebook shape. I was given a very short notice for the cake and I was doing two cakes on that day so I had to improvise.

To make the screen of the computer, I printed out a Mac screen with my color printer and sort of laminated it with a clingfilm, placed it on the part of the cake that supposed to be the screen and framed it with fondant. The back of the Notebook was held in with 4 big tooth picks and Apple Logo was placed as well.

The cake was iced with my home-made citrus butter cream icing with coconut flavor. The Notebook was done in a hurry, I had to make some keys in duplicate since I didn't do a layout but it turned out great and tastes wonderful!

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Coolest Laptop Cake 3

by Erin Paradis
(Barrington, NH)

Laptop Cake

Laptop Cake

This laptop cake was made for a 30th birthday party. The birthday boy worked with computers. I started with a 12 x 15 sheet cake, frosted in white buttercream, then added a 9 x 13 sheet cake on top of that. This was covered in black fondant. (which can be special ordered).

I made the keys two days in advance and I just used the smallest square on the fondant cut out set. I piped on the letters and numbers, make sure you write small. The screen is made of foam board, I had an edible image made (most stores with a bakery will do this for you). I attached the edible image to wafer paper that I had and sealed the sides with black fondant and attached it to the laptop base.

I ended up putting support behind the screen, so it would stand up more. The cake was a huge hit! It even fooled the birthday boy!

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Beautiful Job!
by: lsneed

Your cake was great. Nice precise lines and perfect piping on the letters! Great job!

very nice!
by: Anonymous

Can you give me instructions on how you made the screen and how you made it hold up?PLEASE!!

by: Tita

My husband is a computer programmer and had been wanting to make him a Birthday cake that looks likes a computer but I didn't have any idea. I may make him one next next & I am sure it will be a big surprise for him. Thanks for the tips.

by: KAY


by: nakedplesur

paper screen

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Coolest Laptop Cake 17

by Stacey
(Festus, MO, United States)

Homemade Laptop Cake

Homemade Laptop Cake

I made this Laptop Cake for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. She wanted a laptop cake. The bottom portion is a “funfetti” cake mix. The bottom of the laptop is made of cereal treats and the “screen” of the laptop is made of foam core. The laptop is covered in fondant with fondant accents. I used "retro" sugar candy letters to spell out Happy Birthday.

The cake is iced in butter cream and decorated with fondant accents. I used Wilton’s icing that was pink/lavender combination for the border. My friend put a graphic on the “screen” of the laptop to fit her daughter’s party theme.

If I do a cake like this again, I will need to find a better solution for the “screen”, it was difficult to keep it standing, until the icing hardened a bit and then it was still a little “wonky”.

This cake was a hit! My friend and her family loved!

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Coolest Computer Cake 7

by Lisa A.
(Ashburnham, MA)

Homemade ICarly Computer Cake

Homemade ICarly Computer Cake

I finished this ICarly Computer Cake yesterday for my friend's daughter who loves ICarly. I am just starting out using fondant so bear with me. The bottom pink layer is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing. The laptop is a vanilla cake with a silver fondant cover. I used black MMF (all homemade because it tastes better) for the keys and cut them out with a square fondant cutter.

The screen is a piece of foam board that I cut and covered with the silver fondant. I used a dark buttercream icing on the front and then free handed the ICarly logo on top of that. I was planning to put a sugar picture on the front but I had ordered it and it did not arrive on time. That would have looked really cool and it's an idea if you want to do something like this cake.

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about cake
by: Anonymous

I think that's the coolest. I am looking for an icarly cake but can't find one no where around here!!

I Carly cake
by: denise fitchburg,ma

Good idea !!! My granddaughter informed me that she wanted an I Carly cake for her 6th birthday so I was trying to get some ideas. That one isn't so easy to think of something fun to do, I might add some flowers on it also.

Not that hard to find
by: Anonymous

eBay has a ton of edible images to put on a cake. Also if you check your local party store (good luck on that one. Two around here and neither have icarly yet) online they sell a topper with a plastic picture of Carly and Sam along with a little mouse that turns into a backpack clip.

by: Anonymous


the coolest icarly cake
by: tori

this cake rocks!

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