This Homemade and Easiest Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Cake was created from scratch in just over an hour! Great for a last minute emergency job, or for those of us who are not blessed with as many cake making skills as others out there.

It is literally just 2 homemade block cakes sandwiched with a bit of jam and mock cream in the middle. There is regular icing on the top with licorice strips.

My main advise is be generous with the jam and icing sugar, and make sure that your licorice strips are thin enough to shape easily. Put the licorice on the cake when the icing is semi dry, but not completely (you don’t want the licorice sinking completely into the cake but you don’t want it balancing on the top, either.) Remember, many kids don’t like licorice and so you need to be able to easily take it off once the cake is cut.

Make sure that you have a copy of the book or film by your side and so you can copy the book character correctly. (If your kids are anything like mine they will already have most of the books on their book shelf)

Try to get a picture of the character with as little detail as possible. This will make the end result more effective, make the cake even easier to decorate and the kids will definitely be able to work out who it is meant to be. You could even present the cake with a copy of the book next to it.

All the kids loved it at my son’s 10th birthday party. They even watched the film!

How easy can you get?