For my son’s 2nd birthday I decided to do a Cookie Monster cake since he loves Sesame St. and especially Elmo and Cookie Monster. After searching online, I decided to combine a few of my favorite ideas to get the 3D cake I was looking for. I don’t have any special cake pans, so I needed a way to construct Cookie with the regular pans that I have.

I decided to use a pound cake recipe for his body, so that the cake would stand up to being stacked and carved. After baking and cooling, I wrapped each layer individually and froze it, to make carving easier. I used my Wilton round cake pans (12in, 10in, and 5in) as well as my medium sized Pyrex bowl. I ended up needing two medium and two large layers to get the height I wanted. Between the layers I used store bought dark chocolate icing.

To make the head, I used Rice Crispy Treats molded around a cross shaped support that I made using hot glue and wooden dowels. I also used rice crispy treats for the hands. Molding the rice crispy treats was really easy, almost like using clay! I was then able to stick the long end of the dowel support down through the cake so that his head was secure. I stacked the cake layers from largest to smallest, with the bowl cake on top. Then I carved the body and legs, remembering to save the pieces I cut off to make the feet and arms.

I used toothpicks to secure the arms and hands to the body. Once my “naked” cookie was complete, I dirty iced the whole thing with blue butter cream (Wilton royal blue), and stuck it in the fridge to harden. After a few minutes I took him back out and used premade black icing for his mouth, half of a jumbo marshmallow for each eye, stuck a real cookie in his hands and began putting on his fur. Starting at the bottom I worked my way up, overlapping the fur. I had to try a few different icing tips to find one that gave me the fur effect I wanted and didn’t take FOREVER! Good thing I started at the back, so I could get that worked out without it looking really funny.

Finally, I crumbled a cookie and put some crumbs on his fur, and then piled some cookies all around the base.