This Dr. Seuss Birthday Cake Design is an ice cream cake that I made for my son’s 1st birthday. I started a week before by making my toppers out of fondant. I let them dry for a day and then stuck lollipop sticks that I bought from the store into the bottom or each topper with the exception of the elephant because it can stand alone.

The day before the party I rolled out and cut my letters and let them dry on wax paper on the counter. I also pressed a 1/2 gallon of ice cream each, into two 9×13 cake pans that were lined with saran wrap. I let the ice cream soften on the counter while I made my letter, then using the back of a large spoon, I scooped and pressed the ice cream into the pans. I covered them and put them in the freezer over night.

Early the next morning I removed the ice cream from the pans and placed the frozen slabs back in the freezer while I used the pans to make 2 9x 13 cakes from boxed cake mix. I made 1 strawberry and 1 chocolate but you could make them the same. After my cakes baked I let them cool to the touch in the pans and then covered the tops of each with cool whip and placed them in the freezer for about an hour before I assembled the cake.

I covered a large piece of cardboard with saran wrap and then removed my cakes from the pans and placed them side by side, cool whip side up, on the card board. I then removed the ice cream slabs from the freezer, unwrapped them, and placed the on top of my cake and cool whip. I iced the cake with cool whip as fast as possible and patted my rubber spatula on the icing to give it texture, then put it back in the freezer. This is a large cake now so unless you have a deep freeze this probably won’t work for you. You should probably assemble the cake just before serving.

About 30 minutes into the party, I set the kids up with a pinata whileI finished the cake. I piped a border around the top and base, then added my toppers. My elephants head fell off but he was still soft enough inside for me to repair him with a couple of tooth pic pieces. Over all it was awesome and delicious and a huge hit!