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Coolest Ice Cream Divorce Cake 2

by Suzy
(Saint George, South Carolina)

Homemade  Ice Cream Divorce Cake

Homemade Ice Cream Divorce Cake

First of all, the name is a little misleading. You see, there is no real ice cream involved! It's all sculpted cake and butter cream icing! I even surprised myself with the final look! This was for my brother-in-law, Scott; his birthday is in August, and his divorce was finalized in July. I decided to combine the two events (that's where the ball-and-chain came in).

I only use box cakes, but my butter cream is homemade using Wilton's recipe. I used Wilton fondant (available at WalMart and other craft stores) to make the chain, which has real chain-like mobility, and to make the cherry on top!

Ice Cream cake is Scott's favorite, but an hour's drive to his house with a real ice cream cake in August didn't work out! So I went with the only alternative. I started by baking three 10 inch round cakes, let them cool completely, then stacked two of them with butter cream between. I always refrigerate between steps to help prevent the cake from crumbling and sliding while I carve out designs.

I cut a hole out of the center to resemble a bowl, then used that scrap to make one of the scoops of ice cream. The other scoops came from the third layer. I crumb-iced the whole thing, then refrigerated it before I iced it. I then colored and flavored some butter cream with peanut butter, cookies, mint, etc. and iced the "scoops". I placed them to look like a giant bowl of ice cream, then added details and toppings (even the whipped cream on top is butter cream!)

I made the fondant cuff and chain the day before so it would dry and was surprised to find out it moved like a real chain! That made it easier to lay around the cake.

In the end, everyone loved it and couldn't believe how real it looked!

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