This Mad Hatter cake was made for my best friend who just turned 18. I was really excited to start this cake because it was my first time ever doing a cake this size and using fondant. However I think it turned out awsome and everyone loved it!

I colored and flavored the fondant 3 days in advance because I had to work around my work schedule. Anyway, I also did this so the dye would have time to sit in case I needed to add more to the black.

The next day I baked all the cakes starting with a 12″ then a 9″ and finishing with a 6″. 2 thick cakes are needed or more, but at least 2. Wrap them up and let them cool over night.

The next day I carved the cakes, you leave one of the cakes alone and cut the other at a slant then place the two bigger ends on top of each other and then place them on the one you did not cut.

Do this to all 3 tiers. Start with the bottom naturally. After you have cut the cake ice it with buttercream or just plain vanilla icing (which I used). Roll your fondant out and lightly position it on top of your cake until you feel it is covering the whole thing then go ahead and smooth it out and cut off the extra.(I bought my fondant at Wall-mart (Wilton brand). Continue to do this to all 3 tiers and when you stack them make sure to place all rods into all of them! This is the only way to really stabilize it especially if you are moving it!

Decorate as needed with cookie cuts or strips! Like I had said I am 18, have never done a cake before and made this by myself with no help. You can do it. Have fun!