This homemade top table wedding cake was made for my niece last year. When she asked me if I could do it I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t travel very well as the wedding was in Wales, 150 miles away.

To begin with I made one 13″ square fruit cake and left that for 4 weeks wrapped in greaseproof and in a airtight container after running brandy over the surface, which I turned over every week to get the brandy to go “through” the cake. 5 days before the wedding I began the figures concentrating on the heads first. I had previously asked Mandy what colour her mum and future mother in law were wearing. Then I started on the food, etc.

Again I had found out exactly what was on menu so I could replicate it exactly. It took me a whole day to do all the “bits” for the table. The only thing not edible was the fine fern I used in the bouquets and I used skewers to hold bodies upright for travel (I was hoping to remove these but they had become firmly stuck and could not be seen from the front, and as arrival was on the morning of the wedding I decided to leave them as they were).

I cut the fruit cake into a rectangle and used remnant to make a long “bench at the back for figures to sit on. After making two 13″sponge cakes I put it all together. The fruit cake was covered in marzipan before covering so I covered the sponges with the same thickness fondant so the cloth would be smooth right across the cake.

I ended up putting 2 diagonal pieces of fondant over all this as the cake measured nearly 3 foot long and the fondant split in a couple of places whilst attaching to the cake (if you try this at home get someone to hold another rolling pin under icing to support it whilst you are attaching it).

I then made the bodies sitting on the bench. These all started out as sausage shapes which I moulded to shape adding fondant for shirts etc.

I then put the food etc. on the table and realized I’d not done glasses or wine. I used flower paste for the glasses so that the stems would set hard.

The last thing I did was attach all the heads, which I stuck with edible glue. Oh yes and the board was made from a wide veneered shelf bought from B&Q which I was going to cover with fondant, but with the advice of family left the veneer showing as it looked like wooden flooring, which made it easier to carry and eliminated the risk of cracking if the board warped when being lifted (by 2 people).

The seats were taken out of our people carrier and the whole thing was loaded into the back. Thankfully there were no hitches on the journey!!