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Elmo Cake 49

by Kristen V.

Elmo Cake

Elmo Cake

While this Elmo cake didn't turn out exactly as I had pictured in my mind, I was still pretty happy with the end result.

You need:
1. A triple recipe (approx) of rice krispies treats (marshmallows, butter and rice krispies)
2. 1 8x8 cardboard square and 1 8" round cardboard
3. straws
4. fondant in any color you choose
5. icing - I made a TON!!! I used 4 lbs of powdered sugar, but I also had some left over. You need red buttercream for Elmo, and black, orange and white, either in fondant or regular buttercream/other.
6. Optional - I also used a few toothpicks and a skinny bamboo skewer to hold Elmo together.

The bottom part that looks like a gift box is just 4 square 8x8 cakes (made from 2 box cakes). I stacked two layers with icing between, then put a cardboard square on top of that supported by straws pushed into the base and cut flush with the top of the cake. On top of that I layered the next 2 layers of cake, once again with icing between. Then I iced the whole thing and decorated with fondant.

Elmo is molded by hand out of cooled rice krispie treats. I made him the night before, using a bamboo skewer all the way through to pin his arms and body all together. I then wrapped him in plastic wrap and refrigerated him overnight to make him firm. I covered him with buttercream and used colored fondant for his eyes and nose. Black decorators icing was used for the inside of his mouth.
I used a round cardboard piece beneath Elmo and more straws in the top of the box part of the cake to support him since he was pretty heavy.

I wouldn't recommend trying to put Elmo on top of the cake until you're ready to serve it - it's a very heavy cake and could fall or be crushed by it's own weight.

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