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1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake

I was asked to make a 1st birthday Minnie Mouse cake for a special little girl turning 1.  I happily agreed and here is how it went.

I know I wanted the top of the cake to have a classic Minnie bow and ears, but I had never made a bow before, and I was intimidated about the ears because I feared my fondant would not harden enough and flop over. So, of course I searched YouTube for bow tutorials, and found one that I was able to replicate.

I made the bow and ears a week in advance, placed them in a box and put it at the top of my closet to harden.  I used regular fondant (I use a LMF recipe – you can google it and it pops up) and tinted it black. The bow was tinted with Wilton rose colored frosting. I  used my biscuit cutters to cut out the round ears and broke a wooden dowel rod in half, then put another round ear over each other to sandwich them down in between.

Assembling the 1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake

  • When it was time to make the cake, I used regular chocolate boxed mix. I used 3 boxes in total.  The bottom tier was three 8 inch round cakes, the middle one was two 6 inch round cakes, and the top tier was two 4 inch round cakes.
  • After I leveled them all off, I cut out round circles out of cardboard, that were proportionate to the 6 and 4 inch round cakes so I could ice and fondant them while separate, and then carry them over to layer at the end (if you YouTube search how to make a wedding cake, it shows you how to structure your cake so it is sound and so that it does not collapse on it’s self with all the weight).
  •  I crumb coated the 3 cakes with buttercream, trying to get them as smooth as possible, then placed them in the fridge to firm up.
  • I then softened my fondant and tinted most of it pink (with Wilton’s rose color gel), but left some white.
  • I worked on the bottom cake first. I had bought a silver pack of metal round cutters, but the reverse side had a little soft curl in it, so I knew I wanted that to be the petticoat for under the dress.  I cut out the pieces. They were about an inch wide, and I placed them on the bottom 2 inches of the base cake.
  • I then rolled out a 14 inch circle and draped it over the cake and let it fall naturally to make the skirt.
  • I covered the top 2 smaller cakes in pink fondant and used a fondant smoother to get them sleek.
  • I added fondant polka dots, a fondant ribbon belt and balls of fondant on the top tier to resemble a pearl necklace.
  • I hand cut out a number 1, and then the cake was done!

This was my first all fondant cake!

1st Birthday Minnie Mouse Cake