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2013 Cake Decorating Contest Winners

$550 in Prizes Awarded!

Over the past two months, our unrelenting panel of judges have scoured every word, every photo, every video of every cake submitted to this year’s cake decorating contest. We have handpicked only a handful of winners and awarded a total of $550 in prizes.

Aside from the photos, our judges don’t get to really see the cakes, let alone taste them! So, for this online cake contest, judging criteria is based on other parameters (as specifically outlined in the contest submission guidelines). The photos give us an overall image, but the writeups are what give us a taste of the cake, how it was made, and the trials and tribulations the cake maker went through to create it. Therefore, the story behind the cake is no less important than what the cake looks like in the photo.

So just to clarify, judging is not based on looks alone and this contest is not an online popularity contest. 

Many of the entries that were submitted to this year’s cake decorating contest deserve recognition and unfortunately we can’t mention each and every one. We have, though, created this “Editor’s Picks” section to mention just a few of those deserving honorable mention.

Continue to share your cakes and inspiration and they’ll be included in our next contest.  Submit here…

Amateur Cake Makers – Cake Decorating Contest

We consider amateurs as those cake enthusiasts who don’t have a cake business and don’t make a living from selling their cakes. They make cakes for fun and maybe sell a cake here and there.

3rd Place – $50: Skylanders by Lisa from Ontario, Canada

So many of the cakes on this site are created by Moms and Dads who are eager to take on the challenge of transforming their child’s birthday cake fantasy into an edible delicacy. Lisa is a great example. Having never taken any decorating classes, but with a passion for making cakes (and documenting the process), Lisa took on the challenge and set out to  “buck the trend” of Skylander cakes with this impressive creation…

2nd Place – $75: Super Mario Brothers by Kelly from Delaware

Kelly is a stay-at-home mom with FOUR kids FIVE and under (!!|), ZERO time for cake-making, and a quite a fright from working with fondant. So, instead of fondant, she set out to create this Super Mario Brothers cake using icing, sugar sheets and topping it off with neat mushroom cupcakes. Between changing diapers and cooking meals, she found a bit of time to share with us how she made the cake and why she strongly believes that “If I can, anyone can!”

Grand Prize – $150: Hedwig the Owl by Michelle from Essex, England

Michelle’s cake are works of art and its hard to believe that she isn’t a Pro. We had to write her, just to make sure. And this was Michelle’s response:

“I am a self taught amateur cake maker and yes I do it for the fun of it. Most of the cakes I have made have been for family and friends. I started off just with my own children because they would always ask for cakes I couldn’t find in the supermarkets and I couldn’t afford the cake shop prices. However, as each birthday came and went I discovered I had a knack for making their requests so totally different from the norm that all the other party goers would just stand and stare and everyone would ask where I got them.

“But the best part of all was seeing my kids faces. I know if they are happy with what I have done I can receive no better praise as they are my absolute biggest critics. If I do a character wrong or the wrong colour its the first thing they point out. So I now get them to check all of my cakes while I am making them and before they leave my house. They also contribute to designs sometimes. (Who knows perhaps I have 3 little cake makers in the making?)

“I am getting more and more requests through word of mouth and I am still thinking on what to do about it.”

Pro Cake Makers – Cake Decorating Contest

Pro cake makers are those who have turned their passion for cakes into a business. Many, if not most, work from home and rely strongly on word-of-mouth to promote their business. For us, it’s even harder to judge Pros because their creations are truly amazing! But we do our best. And we hope to help their promotional efforts by featuring their cakes on this site. So, if you’re a Pro and even if you didn’t win in our cake decorating contest, please ask us to add your contact info to your profile (we normally do that for cake makers who have three cakes or more featured on our site…)

3rd Place – $50: Chest of Toys by Romina from Malta

Over the years Romina has shared with us on this site over 20 cakes and so much of her knowledge and experience in cake decorating. This prize could have gone to any one of her many submissions to this contest, but we ultimately chose Romina’s Chest of Toys cake as the winner. Not only is it beautifully crafted, but also shows what a keen eye she’s got for helping a Mom who’s got no idea what cake to order for her child. Romina’s out-of-the box and into-the-chest (of toys) approach is an inspiring way to come up with an original cake idea.

2nd Place – $75: Audrey II by Caran from Maryland

Caran has been crafting and selling her cakes for over 38 years! Her Audrey II, created for an actor in a stage production of “Little Shop of Horrors” is so very original and realistic that, in fact, Audrey II looks like she’s about to eat you instead of the other way around.

Grand Prize – $150: Baby Doll in a Box by Melanie from New York

What happens when you deliver a cake (or in this case, deliver a baby… cake) and the customer doesn’t want to cut it because it’s so beautiful? Melanie did a bit of convincing and only after 20 minutes was she able to convince the customer to cut the cake and keep the baby (at least it wasn’t the other way around ;-). Her step-by-step tutorial, accompanied by detailed process pictures makes you want to give it a shot yourself. And, along with several other just-as-impressive cakes submitted to this contest, Melanie is our Grand Prize Pro winner.

“Years ago I started a home bake shoppe called ‘Peace, Love, & Cake’ in Detroit and I was pumping out a cake a week at best and giving them away. Here I am 13 years later and my hobby has evolved into my passion.

My cakes are done for friends and family and are a labor of love. I enjoy blogging tutorials and recipes, sharing my tips and techniques. I am in no way a world class baker, designer, writer, or anything else really.  I just love to design and create (and eat) fun cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and desserts.”

That wraps up our 2013 Cake Decorating Contest. Leave your comments below and remember to Share Your Cakes…

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