This Star Wars cake was created for a young MAN (lol) celebrating his 40th birthday! One of his good friends ordered it and told me what a big Star Wars fan he was. We googled several ideas until we found one similar to this one online. They really liked the cake with the matching cupcakes idea so I took the picture we found and recreated it with a few of my own little detail changes.

Star Wars Cake Instructions

  • The cupcake toppers were all handmade days ahead out of fondant. (You can see in the photos attached). I let them dry so they sat flat on the buttercream.
  • The cake was an 8 inch round (3 layer) cake.
  • It was covered in fondant.

NOTE: I don’t usually like to cover cakes in fondant because most people are just not a fan of it, however I much rather have black fondant on a cake then black icing. In order to get get true black buttercream you have to add lots and lots (almost the entire bottle) of coloring and it gives the icing a very bitter taste!

  • There is a layer of buttercream under the fondant. That way if someone didn’t want to eat it they could always just leave that part on the plate.
  • I added the details like the light sabers, the death star, and a bunch of stars on the cake.
  • I printed the Star Wars logo out on paper and then hand cut that out of some white fondant and placed it on the front of the cake.
  • The saying I added seemed perfect for the occasion and I just used some yellow tinted buttercream to write that on the cake.

The cake was a big hit with the birthday boy! It’s always fun to get to do a theme that people of all ages enjoy! My kids (4 and 6) just thought this cake was so cool too!!! I hope you enjoy it as well. :)