I made this Mustafar Star Wars battle scene cake for my son’s birthday. I’m not a baker… AT ALL. My 6 year old wanted a Star Wars themed party and when I asked him what his favorite scene was he said the battle on Mustafar (the volcano planet) between Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker.

I knew there would be lots of details involved so I wanted to go to a professional bakery and not the super market. Quotes came in from various bakeries and every one of them came in at well over $200 for what I wanted to do (we needed to feed 50 people). NO THANK YOU.

So, I did some research and figured I’d give it a go myself. Afterall, I went to Art School to become a graphic designer, so I have a creative background. I figured that should make bringing my vision for the cake to life a little easier.

How I Made The Star Wars Battle Scene Cake

  • I started out by buying a professional grade sheet pan and some basic cake decorating tools.
  • I baked each layer and froze them so that  stacking and icing would be easier.
  • I started baking my layers a week in advance so as to not overwhelm myself.
  • I then made Rice Krispie treats to mold into the volcano and I made my gum paste accents (the Logo and number 6).
  • 3 days before the party I made 6 batches of Swiss meringue buttercream (I have never used so many egg whites in my life).
  • The night before the party, I assembled, filled and iced the cake.
  • On the morning of the event I added last minute details (like cookie crumbs), placed the volcano and toppers, and then added accent frosting (the orange and red lava).

Voila. The cake was done!