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50th Birthday Michelob Ultra Beer Cake

I made this chocolate beer cake for my brother who turned 50 years old. Michelob Ultra is his favorite beer and I was so excited to make it in cake form for him. When he saw the cake he was so happy and kept telling me how much he loved it.

Michelob Ultra Beer Cake Instructions

  • The first step was to make a chocolate 1/4 cake.
  • I drew a beer bottle outline onto a piece of cardboard and then cut it out.
  • I placed the outline onto the cake and cut out the bottle.
  • I made chocolate frosting and frosted the cake.
  • The next thing I did was to make buttercream frosting and color it with the colors of the beer bottle.
  • My last step was to draw on the bottle to make it look like the original.

My brother had a 50th Birthday party and all of our family and friends attended.  We had such a good time and everyone loved the cake. My brother also took a picture with the cake and holding it up to his mouth as if he was drinking it. This cake was so fun and special to me because I knew how much he would love it.

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