90th Birthday Cake for Mom

I made this 90th birthday cake for my mom.  I have so much fun making cakes… and towards the end, I get SO nervous! Will it go together like I think? Will it be good enough? Will it be liked?

This cake has a 12″ round bottom tier (2 cakes sliced to 4 layers). The middle tier is 9″, and the top tier is 6″. I enjoy making Swiss meringue buttercream frosting, so it is all over this cake.

Now the fun begins…

90th Birthday Cake Assembly Steps

  • Earlier in the month, I made gum paste flowers and a fondant “Mom” in a chair for the top (she even has a hat on, which my mom wears often).  They were left to ‘dry’ out till decorating day.
  • I placed pink ribbon around the bottom of each tier.
  • I put a dowel in the center of the cake to help keep it together, as I did have to transport it 40 miles.
  • Placing all the flowers was fun, but I did have to change the placement of some of them when the top tier wouldn’t fit due to the flowers on the second tier sticking in the way.
  • The top tier was topped with my Mom in her chair and more flowers.
  • Then, for fun I did something I had never done before. I added those darling little fairy lights around each tier and lit the whole thing up!

My mom cried when she saw the cake, and everyone oohed and aahed, so I let out a big sigh of relief!

I love looking through all the cakes on this site and I get so inspired by them. It would be my hope that this cake might inspire someone to try something new. I am not by any means a professional. I spend lots of fun time watching how to videos on YouTube!

90th Birthday Cake for Mom