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Last Minute Dogwood Cake for 90th Birthday

This last minute Dogwood Cake is an 8inch round for a friend in need of a birthday cake for her granny’s 90th birthday (which happens to be my best friend’s granny)!!  I had a choice of dogwoods, or red birds, so I took dogwoods.This was my first time making dogwoods, so I wasn’t sure how they were going to turn out!

I made the dogwood’s first with a combination of fondant and gum paste   I use these two together so my flowers will be more durable and dry a bit faster! I used my dogwood cutter from my Wilton gum-paste flower set.  Cut the flowers and set them in a scooped out drying tray.  Again I use the ones that are Wilton, you can find at Michael’s.  While they  were drying I took a paint brush and brushed pink luster dust on the tips of the flowers.  I took a tool and pressed lines on the petals.

I then made a pale pink mixture and did the same steps. I used a butter cream icing and iced the entire cake then smoothed the icing with Viva paper towel.  I’ve got a cake cricut and cut out Happy Birthday and placed on cake.  Then I started adding my dogwood’s.  I used royal icing ( 2 egg whites, powdered sugar, lemon juice, and flavor)  to attached my flowers.  I added a few icing flowers in the border and placed a pink pearl in the middle.  This cake turned out great!  I loved the flowers!!  They were very happy with the final product!!! This cake wasn’t that difficult to make!!

Last Minute Dogwood Cake for 90th Birthday

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