When a family has three boys born within weeks of sharing birthdays, a magical birthday celebration is in store. This party came complete with a magician and magical goodie bags. The pressure was on me to produce a magical birthday cake as well.

With the youngest turning one, I asked mom if she would rather an ace or the number 1, which normally does not exist in a deck of cards. She went with the number “1,” with the older brother’s corresponding ages/cards. I created the fondant rabbit head and paws ahead of time. The bottom of the top hat out of which the rabbit appears is made out of chocolate, which I melted and then poured into a greased round pan and sat in the freezer to harden.

The first tier of cake is vanilla with bavarian cream filling, the top layer of cake chocolate with chocolate filling.  With fondant stars as accents, a red fondant folded “sheet” draping behind the rabbit, and some edible glitter sprinkled around the base, this cake was “top hat” for sure!