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Coolest Magicians Cake

This magicians cake was made for my boyfriend’s 30th Birthday. The sponge cake was made by my friend Valerie and was filled with butter cream and jam.

As this was the first time I had ever attempted to ice a cake I was in the good hands of Valerie with all her knowledge and together we produced this fab cake. We used 1500g of sugar paste to do an 11″ cake. We then used white, red and black sugar paste to make all the separate section and molded the icing to the shapes of dice and used writing icing to do the dots.

We used a small cutter to make the stars and cutters for the writing. To make the cards we cut out white icing using a real card as a template and hand wrote the card number/sign and used edible accentis in the four suits for the corners.

Thanks to Valerie as without her this cake wouldn’t have been such a success.

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