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Coolest Magic Party Birthday Cake

I made this homemade magic party birthday cake for my son’s 7th birthday party. He was interested in learning how to do magic tricks, so we had a magic themed party, with inexpensive magic tricks as party favors, and a magic show put on by my son and a friend of his. There were at least 35 kids there, with parents for most, so I needed a BIG cake!

For this cake, I made two 9×13 cakes and placed them side by side to make the cake 13×18. I frosted the 2 together with Wilton’s white pre-made decorator frosting. Then I made another double batch of cake batter in four 9″ round pans (but only used 3 for this).

Using 2 of the round cakes, I followed the Betty Crocker instructions to make the rabbit head, using 2 flattened marshmallows for the teeth, black icing to outline the features, and pink sugar to fill in the nose and ears.

I cut the 3rd round cake in half to make the hat (I used two 10″ round cardboard cake circles for the brim of the hat and put frosting on them when I frosted the other part of the hat).

To make the black frosting, I made a dark chocolate frosting and added LOTS of black icing color gel – I think it took a whole container. The frosting didn’t even look dark enough at first but darkened over time.

I used some large decorating sprinkles around the rabbit and hat – I had wanted to make little mini playing cards but ran out of time. I just trimmed the cake with stars in the same Wilton decorator icing.

2 thoughts on “Coolest Magic Party Birthday Cake”

  1. Love the cake, well done. But I am more interested in the magic tricks. I am making a Magic Birthday Party theme, and am trying to come up with a magic trick craft the kids can make. Thought of the matchsticks box and disappearing coin in it, did you have a better idea perhaps! Thanks, your advice is greatly appreciated.

  2. I did this almost exactly for my 5-year-old son’s magic-themed party, and it was terrific. Thank you for coming up with this idea and posting it!!!


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