Amazing Shark Monster Truck Cake

I stay at home right now with my 3 boys (ages 7, 5, 3).  I let my boys pick what they want me to create and they help pick out different things from different cakes they see to create our own.  This one was a little harder cause most monster trucks cake just have the plastic cars on it. My littlest son knew he wanted a Shark Monster truck. He was so amazed when he saw it. It was what he thought of and better. I enjoyed making all the details on the cars and the Shark monster truck. Most of the extra pieces like mirrors, foot step and lights on the car are made out of fondant.  It is such a joy when you make a cake for a child and it is better then they could even imagine. My son didn’t want us to cut the cake. It might be hard to beat this cake as it is his favorite by far.

How I made the wheels:

I made the giant wheels out of Rice Kripsy Treats. I knew they had to be light enough so they would stay on. I put them through with a skewer.  I also added tread made out of fondant on the wheels.  He loved it when I was making the wheels. He said, “This is AWESOME.”

How I made The Monster Truck cake:

The Monster truck cake was baked in a loaf pan. My 3 year old wanted a Shark so we had to make his dreams come true. I printed a pic of the computer to see the lines and different details on the shark. I wanted the cake to appear to be jumping and going to jump over the cars.

How I made the cars:

I made the cars out of chocolate cake  and shaped them like 2 cars that my son picked out. My middle son said, “Mom, they really need wipers and mirrors.” Kids really know how to put a few more steps in to make the cake even better! So the mirrors I made out of fondant, which I make my own out of marshmallows and powdered sugar.

How I made the track :

The track is a mix of graham cracker and Oreo crumbs. The extra I am going to use in cake balls.

 How I made the ramp:

I had my husband cut the ramp out of wood. Then we painted the bottom side black. I frosted the top of the ramp and added the track mix on where the wheels went up the ramp.

How I made all the accents:

The sharks teeth are made out of fondant. The lights and brake lights are made out fondant. Also the mirrors on the little cars are made out of fondant.


Amazing Shark Monster Truck Cake

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