Coolest Monster Truck Jam Cake

I made this Monster Truck Jam Cake for my nephew, Matt for his 6th birthday. He had been to a Monster Truck Jam with his parents and had taken a liking to Blue Thunder, which became his favorite. I looked for a Blue Thunder truck small enough to fit on the cake to no avail. I ended up with a more generic “blue” truck that he loved anyway.

I planned out this cake on paper first. I prepared a store bought marble cake mix in an 11 X 17 in pan and made my homemade buttercream icing. I tinted some in green and a copper color and left some white.

This is what you will need to re-create this cake:

Prepared marble cake mix in an 11 X 17 pan

Buttercream icing

Crushed Oreo cookies (I used a Ziploc bag and a rolling pin because the food processor makes it too fine!)

2 Cylindrical cookies broken in half evenly

2 Monster trucks of your choice

A package or two of cheap matchbox cars – Take a hammer to these and make them look crunched.

#3 tip

#18 tip for the writing and edge piping

Grass tip

Several tooth picks

I covered the cake with the copper color first. Then, I used the monster truck and rolled wheel prints into the cake all over. I made sure the center had “heavier” wheel tracks so it would be more visible. Then, drew the track on with a toothpick and filled it in using the #3 tip in white icing. Then, using the #18 tip I piped the top and bottom all around the cake in green. I placed my crushed Oreo cookies on a tray and rolled the monster trucks wheels through it to give the “been rolling through the dirt” look to the wheels. If the crushed cookies don’t stick enough you can always take a bit of the white icing to the wheels first and then roll through the “dirt”.

Take your cylindrical cookies and pushed them into the inside corners of the track. Here I used the #3 tip and filled the cylindrical cookie with the white icing. Add some of the crushed Oreo’s inside the track. Sprinkle a little extra into the center of the track to make it look more realistic, including over the top of the icing filled cylindrical cookies. Add your small matchbox cars (already hammered) along the track. (I used 4 on each side). I added a bit of white icing to the tops of the hammered cars and sprinkled more crushed Oreo’s and mashed it into the car to make sure it stuck to the cars.

Using the #18 tip, I piped Happy Birthday Matt for that “thicker look.” Then, I finished it out using the grass tip around the edge between the white track and the green piped edge. I made sure I got some of them under the wheels of the cars to ensure the matchbox cars held in place. Lastly, I placed the monster trucks and had to use several toothpicks in and around the wheels. I had to angle them to hold the wheels in place. I pushed the toothpicks into the cake just far enough to hold and pushed the “dirt” around them so they wouldn’t be visible.

Needless, to say, Matt LOVED his cake and his mom has informed me that I will be making all of her kids cakes from now on. (She has 6 kids!) So, besides my own 3 children, I have to make at least 9 cakes in a year. NO PROBLEM!! I love doing this! I truly enjoy being creative and decorating cakes.

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