My son told me he wanted a monster truck birthday party after going to a rally, so I Googled around for about a month and came up with this.

Instructions for Monster Truck Birthday Cake

  • I decided to try a camouflage, drop spoon cake so I started off by separating the batter into 4 bowls to dye them different colors (brown, lime green, dark green and tan).
  • I made two 9 x 13 cakes with a banana cream center and a chocolate buttercream frosting which I also made.
  • I made a brick wall out of a Rice Krispy treats and put candles in it along with his name.
  • I used trimming from the cakes to make a turf for one of the trucks.
  • I had a friend run over the smaller cars to smash them.
  • I used chocolate doughnuts to simulate spare tires and finished off the cake with orange piping to simulate cones.

Another happy birthday in the bag with many more to come. :-D