Awesome Monster Truck Birthday Cake

My daughter Stephanie and I decided to make a Monster Truck cake for my grandson’s third birthday party. He just loves them so we thought we would team -up and make him the coolest cake ever. First we baked two sheet cakes (11×16), two mini loaf pans formed by hand in the shape of a school bus and a car (got the idea from my son Jimmy.

After baking them we removed the car and bus from the pans to cool. We also put the two sheet cakes in the fridge to cool as well. The next step was to start making the colored fondant we wanted for each vehicle, the fondant recipe used is for marshmallow fondant, found it on the web and used the gel colors to dye the fondant. Next we iced the bottom sheet cake with butter cream icing dyed with brown gel to simulate dirt.

After the smaller cakes cooled we did a dirty coat of butter cream icing, laid the fondant on each vehicle and smoothed it onto the vehicle. My daughter is an artist so she did all the art work for the two cars. After the art work was done we allowed that to dry and used Oreo cookies for the wheels on the car and bus using two cookies total per car. Next we planned out where we wanted to put everything on the bottom sheet cake, placed the two cars on top. We cut the second sheet cake in half, then one half in half again (so we had a 1/2 and two 1/4 pieces).

The next step was figuring the scale size of the truck to the cars because the monster truck has to be the right proportion to the cars. Then we cut two pieces of thick corrugated cardboard for under the truck and covered that with aluminum foil. Put two 10″ bamboo skewers between the foil boards and spaced them to where the tires would be and secured them with another piece of foil. We then cut the two 1/4 pieces to fit on the cardboard dirty iced the bottom part of the truck, placing the top of the truck on and put a cut off piece of cake for the cab of the truck, dirty iced that and put our colored fondant on top of that smoothing all the edges.

My daughter then did more of her amazing art work for the snake using edible paint. The tires where made of rice krispie treats and extra fondant we had colored black and where attached to the skewers , using Spree candies for the center of the tires. The truck body was laid on top of the cardboard which was sitting atop of the car and school bus on an angle to simulate a jump and it looked amazing. Then we crumbled some Graham Crackers on the bottom sheet cake and in the bed of the truck for a dirt effect. We then mixed some more Oreos (just the cookie part)  with chocolate syrup for the mud and put some on the tires, on the side of the truck and down by the wheels and any where else we thought it would look cool.

We then added a cherry Air Head candy for the tongue of the snake, finishing the cake off with writing “Happy Birthday Jake” in cotton candy flavored butter cream icing and putting a #3 on top of the smaller car.  We were left with extra fondant so we made more tires and placed them around the border.  I have been making cakes for my five children for 28 years now but I believe this is the coolest cake ever and he loved it.  Thank you sincerely, Debra and Stephanie.