Cool Choo Choo Train Animated Cake

Our son LOVES (really LOVES) trains. He especially likes the high speed ones from Japan , Europe etc. Thanks to the web, he can learn all about them and see all of these trains in action!

So for his 3rd birthday a few months ago…

We baked for him an edible train cake layout! It has all of the features of a real model train layout, except that everything is EDIBLE! He loved it – he went nuts.

Here’s the cake in action:

This is a list of everything it had…

  • Real working train running around the tracks!
  • Elevated train tracks – on trestles.
  • Edible Snow-topped mountain with Train Tunnel
  • Edible Stone Arch Bridge
  • Edible Lake with lots of Fish
  • Edible Rock Quarry
  • Construction vehicles (candles)
  • Edible Train Station
  • Edible Elevated Loading Platform
  • Edible Dirt road
  • Edible Different varieties of trees with a full apple orchard.
  • The mini electric train has lights inside and runs on a harmless 9V battery.